Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter teasing something for tomorrow

Anyone care to make any sense of this? Is it Metal Sonic related? Is this for Sonic Mania, Project Sonic 2017, or something completely different?

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Thu Mar 09 17 03:24pm
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Looks like Metal sonics leg and foot. Could be a new statue from first 4 figs, or maybe a character trailer for sonic maina as it looks like older art, then again maybe not

Yeah that's Metal Sonic.

If they want to do the "Metal Sonic has independence" plot again, the game its in best not suck so it goes somewhere in a sequel, because so far Free Riders, 4.2 and Boom all tried it.

Excited for this maybe we'll see gameplay and a mention of Switch. Tomorrow is Switch's 1 week Anniversary after all.

Big the Cat's Big Adventure 2017

After that AGDQ 2017 uproar, I approve that. :D


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