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Tue Mar 14 17 10:54am
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This just make me WANT the game even more!

(Have not brought IT or Switch yet)

(Me I mean)

I want to watch these but I'm still wary of spoilers. Could anyone tell me if they're at least somewhat spoiler free?

They were pretty spoiler-free. You do see small pieces of some of the cut scenes, but in my opinion it is nothing too incredibly spoiler-heavy. Again, my opinion.

I'd like to know this, too! I've put in quite a bit of time so far, but haven't even left the first 3 regions or progressed in the story much beyond the opening chunk, so I'm still trying to avoid any potential surprises being ruined.

Tue Mar 14 17 12:42pm
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I would actually say there's a fair number of spoilers in there, so you might want to avoid.

Thanks Kao! I'll bookmark them and come back to them after i get further through the game, then.

Zelda's design this time was most definitely the cutest. Kudos to them for that. But overall I personally thought there were some interesting characters here and there. Wish some had more spotlight time though. Like


This game.

It's been a long time where I have gotten into a game to the point where I want to know absolutely everything about it.


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