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Tue Mar 14 17 03:30pm
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Stop posting these spoiler video or put them after a jump!
And NO, these spoiler shouldn't get a pass for they are from yoshiller or someone else from GoNintendo

Tue Mar 14 17 04:09pm
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I've made plenty of videos of this game, and I only post the ones that are deemed to be non-spoiler-worthy (at least from the title and thumbnail). Link holding a Cucco isn't a spoiler. If it is, then by that logic, practically any gameplay video posted on the site would be considered a spoiler, as it would simply be showing something "from some point in a game." If I were showing a boss fight or a cutscene, then I could definitely deem a video like that to be spoiler-worthy, and I would certainly place it after a jump (if I were to post something like that onto the site at all).

With all that said, though, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that I have caused. Although I don't see anything about this post as a spoiler (in fact, it's debatably the LEAST spoiler-filled video that I've posted so far), I'm sorry if this did ruin an experience for you.

Should have comment at the other videos that you have posted with title of Shrines and tumbnail from the inside of the shrines.

I would be happy IF the Shrines were called by number and that the tumbnail was a close up of Shrines from the outside.

Otherwise I would be happy to know how to block walkthrought of BOTW

I've already done this sidequest, but I don't want any of the game spoiled either. Not just bosses and cutscenes. Most players want the world to be entirely fresh as they uncover it.

To be fair, thay village itself is very spoilery...

Not that i care for spoilers but meh.

There definitely could be some spoiler alert but you really don't have to click on the video. It said what it was right in the title. You need to maintain your homeostasis.

Tue Mar 14 17 05:21pm
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Have not watch the video, only the tumbnail

Comment at this first now for I thought that yoshiller wouldn't post more BOTW walkthought

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