Charles Martinet heading to Oz Comic-Con in Perth and Adelaide

- attending the Oz Comic-Con at Perth and Adelaide
- attending March 25th – 26th in Perth
- attending April 1st – 2nd in Adelaid

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Nothing related to the context but that image right there reminds me of how Nintendo games have that "Only for" sign for Nintendo games exclusive to Nintendo systems...and now that is gone.

Why did Nintendo remove that sign for future game boxes?

Wed Mar 15 17 09:52am
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I noticed that at present Sony is the only company that does an exclusivity indicator on boxes, having text that says "Only on" right next to the PS4 logo. Microsoft was still using an indicator half way into the Xbox 360 era but I think they dropped it around 2010 (what I'm using to tell this is Halo boxarts, as Halo 3: ODST still has the indicator, but Halo Reach doesn't), and Nintendo dropped it starting with the Wii era.

I guess Nintendo and Microsoft don't see that much importance anymore in indicating when a game is exclusive, but Sony does. What's funny is Sony actually USED to be the one company who DIDN'T do those types of indicators, as it was during the PS3 era that they started doing it.


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