My Nintendo - Switch digital game purchases net you more Gold Points

Wonder why going the digital route is valued so much more when it comes to My Nintendo. Seems odd to reward fans going digital and shun those picking up retail. Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up.

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Yea stop punishing the people who buy the products with lower profit margins and waste more of the earth's resources!!!

Yea stop punishing the people who buy the products with lower profit margins and waste more of the earth's resources!!!

No matter your preference, it isn't hard to understand this...

Umm... Nintendo gets more of a profit and sets the prices on the eshop. They have less control over physical prices and games could be stolen. It's great that physical gets anything at all.

I don't think Nintendo is "shunning" anyone. They are just trying to entice people to buy digitally because they make more money off of digital sales. The better gold ratio is a kickback for consumers cutting out the middle man and giving their money directly to Nintendo.

Yes stop punishing those who buy physical for their digital rewards program. If MyNintendo had physical rewards like Club Nintendo, then I would understand.

As of now MyNintendo doesn't really have anything good anyways...

It's not even punishing. Since the program is based on dollar amounts, there's no way of Nintendo knowing if you got a $60 game for 50% off or the like and you'd still get points based on a $60 price tag. Getting a fraction of that for a card is perfectly fair.

It's not even comparable to Club Nintendo's little leaflets considering that was a flat amount.

Why are people even surprised by the fact that Nintendo wants to make more money...

I'll tell you why Nintendo pushed digital.
Physical copies can be sold/traded/lent to friends but digital are tied to the user and machine. They can sell more copies and also have a higher profit margin. If digital and physical cost $59.99 they have to sell lower to Amazon/Target to have that as the MSRP.

I don't think I've ever found anything I'd want to spend Gold Coins on. Even at a discount, I'd still rather get the non-discounted physical version.

Hoping that in the time that I take to wait on buying a Switch, big micro SD cards become cheaper so I can at least consider going mostly digital. The Switch is a big ol boy.....

Wed Mar 15 17 04:20pm
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It's worth checking to see if you have any "no rush shipping" credits on Amazon. I had some about to expire, so I bought Snipperclips. I only paid $10 after the credits, and the download was seamless too. 10/10 would recommend.

Wed Mar 15 17 08:09pm
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If they're punishing anyone, it's people that buy digital, with that dismal 32gb of storage internally.

Offering more gold coins is the least they can do to make up for all the money you're wasting on external storage, especially if the gold coin rewards are as garbage on the switch as they are on the Wii U / 3DS.


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