Blink-182's, Mark Hoppus shows off the Switch he got for his birthday

You learn something new everyday. Today I learned that Blink-182's Mark Hoppus is a big Nintendo fan. I had absolutely no idea! Seems he's been sharing his love of the Big N for quite some time.

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I'm a huge blink fan, so I was aware of this and always RT anything Nintendo that he writes about.

He is a huge fan of Animal Crossing (from at least as early as Wild World), Pokémon, Smash Bros. and so on. He has a bunch of amiibo and most if not all Nintendo platforms. He played Mario Kart with fans on the recent tour and just posted a MAR10 Day pic with a Mario hat on and used his 3DS as a mustache.

I remember reading a few Tweets by him about Animal Crossing several years back.

Ahh...all the small things in life.

He's a massive Nintendo fan. Regularly tweets at Nintendo when new games are out and has no problem abusing his fame to try and get stuff out of them, he's delightfully shameless. :P

Ha yes these guys. They were pretty fun back in the days. No idea what they're doing now though.

I'm not really surprised he's a Nintendo fan though. It seems to work well with their "characters".

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