GoNintendo Talking Points - Why is The Disney Afternoon Collection skipping Nintendo platforms?

Today's Talking Points looks at the recently-revealed Disney Afternoon Collection. It's not coming to Switch or 3DS, and I think this is a missed opportunity in some major ways.

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Thu Mar 16 17 02:18am
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It's not coming because the Switch is not kiddie enough. Just look at the commercials. Teens and adults everywhere!

Well argued. Great video.

Maybe they would prefer to separate them into Virtual Console releases but it doesn't matter to me when I can play slightly enhanced versions on an emulator. I do miss the Disney Afternoon though. There was nothing like getting out of school and watching Aladdin: The Animated Series. Those were the good old days.

Seriously. It makes no sense. These won't come to Virtual Console, and if they did, they would take months to release all of them.

The collection makes reasonable sense. I think of these games, I think Nintendo. You would think backing a new system in case Switch really takes off would just make sense.

It's not like they are losing sales on a physical copy, though I would absolutely buy a physical copy.

Release the Switch version along with the others. I'll take 3DS as well.

Welp, single-game pirating it is.

(or the legit PC Steam release I guess)

Thu Mar 16 17 05:58am
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Really bad decision for these not to come to Switch. Loved the shows, love the games, and I would buy them in an instant.

Thu Mar 16 17 06:31am
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Rather odd. There is no logic in this. We all know it would sell great on Switch, maybe somewhat more than on the orhers. Oh and this would be perfect on the go but also on the TV with the family/friends. This just does not make any sense. If it does not come to Switch, then at least I hope they explain why, since I'm damn curious here.

Taking them on the go is probably the main reason I'd consider getting a release, digital or otherwise. Surprising it's not even hitting the 3DS, of any and ALL things.

As much as the title would entice me, I am just not willing enough to get it on a stationary system. PC, PS4 or others. Legitimately expected a 3DS version before Switch came out.

Maybe they are saving the games for the Switch Virtual Console so they can add online multiplayer.

This seems to me to be an issue with Capcom more than Nintendo, but who knows. I would think getting this out on the Switch would pull in good numbers since many are looking for something after Zelda. Maybe Nintendo is wanting to add these games to the NESCE part 2??

Maybe they are part of the Netflix like virtual console library Nintendo will give access to users of paid Nintendo online accounts?

The truth is they want to sell those separately on the VC rather than releasing a collection.

Thu Mar 16 17 02:21pm
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I mean, real talk I think it eventually does show up on Switch , as Digital Eclipse has publicly expressed interest. But something like this likely has some pretty labyrinthine contract work associated with it which is 3 steps removed from a system. Platform Holder > Digital Eclipse > Capcom > Disney.

The ink on Capcom's contract with DE is likely dried a year ago at least (long before anyone knew what Switch was). It's not like something like this is automatic when a new system is released in the middle of a development cycle, and to get a Switch version greenlit likely means that Capcom has to go back and have an additional system added to their deal with Disney, and then of course allocate a budget for that additional version.

The reactions on Twitter speak loud enough there is strong demand for a Switch version. Pretty sure some higher ups are thinking that was a bad decision to skip it.


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