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Thu Mar 16 17 06:45pm
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This gives me great hope for a Skyward Sword port.

Part of me wonders why they didn't incorporate a small sensor bar into the top bezel of the switch? That's the part of the console that sticks out above the dock anyways. When I first ever saw the reveal and saw the IR sensor in the right joycon, I immediately thought the switch itself was the sensor bar and it was used for that purpose.

Too bad...

This would work best if the Switch is in the middle of the TV (well, the top or bottom middle), which is a way I don't think many people have their Switch set up as. And plenty of people have the Switch somewhere completely different or pointing in a different direction than the TV

yeah a sensor bar or just some ir led on the dock, I'm sure, oh wait they would have need an ir camera.but for the wiimote or the one ir camera they have.
In any case, I wonder how did they play bow since you know arrows ? Gyro aiming is just great.

I so hope they'll port skyward sword or just eshop release it. I'll be able to fully enjoy it then. Those joycons are just so light it's great for me

Thu Mar 16 17 07:54pm
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7 minute video.
What your looking for starts at 2:30.

Fri Mar 17 17 01:08am
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So much talking and he doesn't know what he's talking about. Just trying to make more YouTube money.

and he doesn't know what he's talking about
Hm? This implies that what he said was untrue, right? But what in this video was untrue?

If I said that what he was saying is untrue then I would've said he was lying, but to me he's just rambling on, saying nothing to add time to his video so he can rake in some ad revenue.

Sat Mar 18 17 06:10am
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Oh, like that. Hm, well, I've never once seen someone say "He doesn't know what he's talking about" to mean "He's talking a lot". That's interesting. Especially since it's redundant when you already said "So much talking".
I always thought that particular phrase meant "He's wrong" but I guess I simply don't know what I'm talking about =P

Sat Mar 18 17 09:33am
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Well you know when you're writing an essay you're not well prepared for and you tend to just ramble on about something trying to fill space because you don't know what you're talking about instead of being concise. That's what I got from watching the video.

Ahaha, yeah, I definitely see what you mean now! I both love and hate the rambling in GameXplain videos. I love how thorough they are, but sometimes I just wish they would get to the point already =P

Fri Mar 17 17 03:00am
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This is slightly misleading. It's just gyroscope controls, just like the Ninja star throwing in Nintendoland or Star Fox Zero's aiming. You have to manually recalibrate the reticule by pressing +, same as in Nintendoland or Star Fox Zero (Y). This isn't Skyward Sword's One to One motion control WIi Motion Plus, or at least it's not the equivalent.

That being said, I haven't tried out World of Goo for Switch, so I have yet to try out how much more accurate it is compared to those games.

Can you tell me what the difference is between the gyro aiming here and in Skyward Sword? (Minus the sensor bar calibration, which Andre does mention.) Because as far as I am aware, they're the same thing


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