Amazon facing issues with The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ shipments

If you ordered The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ from Amazon, you might want to keep tabs on your order. Hopefully most of you got your game already, but if not, there could be a shipping issue. Some people are getting emails saying that the order was oversold, meaning shipments won't go out, and Amazon is unsure if/when they'll get more stock. On top of that, some customers are saying their orders are indeed still coming, but shipping dates keep getting bumped by a day or two.


Yeah, mine said info not available for a while, and now it says it's expected to ship 3/20... fingers crossed...

Fri Mar 17 17 02:18pm
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My order hasn't been shipped yet. It's expected to arrive here in Brazil by March 30th, at the very least.

I got mine today, but I ordered right away.

Mine hasn't been shipped but is expected to arrive March 22-24. I preordered probably a week after the listing went up.

These orders are all over the place! Hah.

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