Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death - new screens, art and gameplay details

Screens and art here

- explore an old castle in order to find a way out
- the castle is infested with Titans
- explore every nook and cranny of the castle in order to find clues and things that will help you escape
- there’s a library filled with books, including some that cannot be found anywhere else
- there’s also a storage room, but is there anything interesting in there?
- rooms also have secrets, such as a rather intriguing shelf
- in one of the rooms, there’s a mysterious portrait with a torn face
- features various event scenes, with illustrations done by WIT Studio (who are working on the anime series)
- in order to escape from the old castle, you need to cooperate with your teammates
- try to listen to what your partners have to say for clues
- choose who to explore the castle with
- this determines what event scenes happen
- Synapse Link feature has you choosing three passwords to unlock a door
- your teammates will give you clues on these passwords
- items include:

Small key: does it open a door somewhere?
Cloth bag: what’s inside that bag? Something that will help you escape? Jewels? Something else?
An old piece of paper: a mysterious sheet of paper with something written on it. Is there a clue to be found in there?
Blue book: is there some useful information in there?
Alcohol bottle: an empty bottle. Did the people that used to live there drink it?

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Even this one's vague, just like every other piece of information of this game.. but we finally know, it's a visual novel/escape room game.

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