American developer seemingly achieves his dream of 10 years by working at Nintendo in Japan

We don't have 100% proof that the Corey Bunnell in the credits of Breath of the Wild and the Corey Bunnell who made the forum post above are the same person, but it certainly seems that way. If they are indeed the same person, it seems that Corey achieved his dream of 10 years. There's not a ton of American team members working on the Japanese dev team at Nintendo, outside of play-testing. While some may have thought Corey's dream impossible to achieve, we're glad to see he proved them wrong!

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Great for them. One of my dream jobs would be to work for Nintendo in their Marketing Department or for their Theme Park Marketing. Collaborating between Ninty and Universal would be amazing! Everyone don't ever give up on yoyr dreams even if it seems impossible!

I went from reviewing Natsume games to getting credited in them. I love these kinds of stories <3

Which name should I be on the look out for?

(Thats awesome by the way)

You're gonna groan:
CeeCee :D

Sounds a lot like me when I graduated in '07, except I didn't have the opportunity to learn any other language except Spanish in my public schools.

It's great that some people get these opportunities! I'm jealous, but proud at the same time haha.

Several of my friends and I petitioned our school to have a Japanese language class which we got the following year. If you want something, the opportunity for you to get/achieve it is there. Smile

Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, nothing is that simple when it comes to education lol. But it's always great to hear others get what they fight for!


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