GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 605

Turned out to be a two-person show today, and it worked out just fine! Mom Brain joins me as I go through the week's news and have some lovely Zelda chats. Don't worry, no spoilers here!

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Sun Mar 19 17 06:23am
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It's so strange for me to hear people say they don't know of anyone who has these problems with their Switch while I seem to have all of them. My Switch is a mess. Sad

I mailed Nintendo about it on friday, but with the weekend in between I havent received a reply yet. Also mentioned it in the Switch survey they sent out. Gonna just give them a call on monday like people advised.

Sorry to hear, what problems do you have?

Well, dock scratched my screen to begin with. And yes, I have been extremely careful with docking the thing. This I don't mind that much though, can be fixed with a screen protector.

The things I do mind is that my screen comes up at the right side because of the heat the Switch produces. Both joycons wobble like crazy, very audible too. Also my left joycon stick has a horrible grindy feel which the right one doesn't have, and worst of all the left joycon keeps disconnecting during gameplay, even though I'm only 1.5 meter from the console with nothing in between (dropped to my death and lost plenty of hearts in Zelda that way).

Again, I want to stress how careful I am with the Switch, I've waited and saved up for this thing for the better part of 2 years, there's no way I'd throw it around or be careless with it.

Not cool, I really hope they'll replace it for you.

Thanks. I too hope they at least offer some sort of solution.

Sun Mar 19 17 11:34am
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WOW! I have seriously no issue with mine at all. Actually the only time I had the left J-con disconnect was when I walkwd out to the living room to show it to a friend.. I was like five meters away from the console and had a wall and several things inbetween. I feel lucky. I sure hope Ninty fixes the issues with yours ASAP.

Just send it in & tell them you want to use the 90 day warranty service to repair your problems?

On it. Gonna call them up tomorrow.

Mon Mar 20 17 08:10am
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Good luck & I hope everything gets worked out.

No issue with my Switch so far.
It's been working like a charm. I'm sorry to hear some have had various issues but I'm confident that it's nothing too surprising and still in the range of what can be expected when launching new hardware.

I mean MS and Sony 1st series of hardware have been a mess for years and their return rates are absolutely terrible. Nintendo on the other hand has a whole story of NOT doing this.

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