Switch has an internal memory/microSD screenshot limit

Just incase you wanted to know how many screenshots you could take on your Switch, now you know. 1,000 is certainly a lot, but you can get 10 times as much with a microSD card. If you want even more, just remember to dump your pics from your microSD card and start fresh!

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Sun Mar 19 17 03:32pm
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1,000 photos is a lot. I don't have a huge issue with this, given that you can upload photos online instantly with the feature. I would, of course, love to see the limit expanded in the future, especially if you can save them to a cloud. Unlimited photo/video saves sounds like it'd be a good boon to Nintendo's upcoming paid online services.

Quite a lot really. Can you even put them to an SD Card actually?

I'm 800 odd off the limit with BoTW.

I've made 1,016 screenshots of BOTW so far :-X
Glad I'm using a microSD.

Lol Me too. I've taken over a 1000 but had to go back and delete some.

Oh this reminds me, I've been spamming the screen shot button in Zelda. I better sort out and delete a bunch before there's too many :\

That's not a bad limit, and at least there are ways to back them up onto a Micro SD card.

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