Capcom asked Nintendo to increase Switch RAM prior to release for RE Engine support, Nintendo obliged

Coming from a GamesIndustry Japan feature...

- Nintendo and Capcom discussed Switch’s performance and specs
- it was important for Nintendo as a platform holder to gather opinions from various developers
- Capcom said the main memory space (RAM) wasn’t sufficient
- this was due to Capcom's RE Engine
- in the end, the memory space of Switch is exactly same as Capcom requested
- this means Nintendo increased the original plan considerably, based on what Capcom and other devs said
- Capcom is looking into porting RE Engine to Switch by attempting to optimize it to operate in a low power state
- it is necessary to make the engine capable of corresponding to two different performance modes: docked and portable
- it is not an easy task, but they would like to put in the effort to achieve it

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Sun Mar 19 17 04:33pm
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Apparently not enough RAM for the disney afternoon NES collection? I would like to see any RE though.

That's good. Capcom is the one third-party partner they're willing to comply to when it comes to hardware demands. The Classic Controller PRO for Wii bundled with Monster Hunter Tri was fine example of that.
I sure hope to see some Resident Evil and other horror games soon appear on the NS.

I'm surprised Capcom stopped at 4GB, tbh

Me too. I'm surprised the Switch used to have even LESS ram.

Yeah, although Nvidia's SHIELD tablet [which Switch's innards match] has 3GB RAM, so it looks like Nintendo was gonna match it completely initially.

I haven't gotten around to purchasing RE7 yet (my present plans are to get it on PS4), and part of me wouldn't be surprised if Capcom's planning on releasing a
"special edition" later with all the DLC included. If Capcom released a special edition of RE7 on all major platforms, including the Switch, I'd actually buy it on Switch over PS4.

Didn't we already know this? At least the part from the headline

We knew that Capcom requested it of Nintendo, but not what it was in aid for specifically - i.e. porting their RE Engine.

Sun Mar 19 17 08:16pm
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Yeah we did, it was in even already posted on GN, in that big article about how they ported MT Framework with less people than the Wii U version of MT, in less time. I believe they said Nintendo needed a performance intensive testing tool and Capcom helped them by porting MT over to put the system under heavy load and determine power consumption under heavy CPU and GPU load and discovered that GPU was the biggest power draw. It was originally going to be 2GB or RAM and Capcom requested that they double it, and they already said in that other article that they were going to port over the engine that RE7 runs on, or at least try their best to, because they believe it to be possible.

That's all off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure it was all already in the original article.

Sun Mar 19 17 04:33pm
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Apparently not enough RAM for the disney afternoon NES collection? I would like to see any RE though.

I hope this means we'll see some Resident Evil on the Switch at some point.

I already bought RE7 on PS4 and have no desire to buy it again on Switch. However if RE8 or whatever side story game they choose to release I'll definitely get it on Switch.

If it's easy enough and not too expensive for them to do so, I think it's safe to assume that we're going to see several MT framework games over the course of the Switch's lifespan, provided that the system is even mildly succesful, since the framework is already up an running. Ports of older REs are practically a no-brainer at this point.

That's good. Now let's get some Monster Hunter on Switch.

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