Limited Run Games hoping to publish their first Switch title this Summer

A portion of a Gaming Trends interview with Limited Run Games' Douglas Bogart...

GT: The Nintendo Switch just came out earlier this month (as well as a Switch version of Battle Princess Madelyn available at a certain pledge level). Are you thinking of opening up the possibility for Switch LRG releases in the future?

DB: We are currently working on getting on the Nintendo Switch! It’s looking very positive and we hope to have our first title out this summer, fingers crossed!

This interview is about Battle Princess Madelyn, but LRG didn't specifically say that was the title they'd be publishing physically.

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Bring on the physical, LRG.

I. LOVE. LIMITEDRUN! God, I want them on Switch!!!

Crap, they're gonna do I Am Setsuna I bet after I snagged it on the eShop.

Come onnnnn Fast RMX!!!

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