Custom Switch dock covers available on Etsy

Worried about scratching your Switch when putting it in the dock? Etsy user TinckoyMakesitSew has put together a bunch of Switch sleeves for you to dress your Switch dock up in. Check out the lineup here!

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Over on Reddit, I believe they call them dock socks!

Nice way to make 100% sure your Switch will scratch because of the dust sticking to the cloth.

I'm one of the person who defended the Docking Station that it not scratch your Screen if you handle it careful, now I have at least three small scratches detected on the left side of my screen. I even tried a Screen Protector foil which was pure and utter garbage.

This "Dock Sock" looks at least more protective compared to the naked cheap assed produced Docking Station. If this is real microfiber cloth, you shouldn't worry this will scratch your screen.

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