Joy-Con being used to make the life of digital artists easier

Remember the days when people were doing all sorts of different things with the Wiimote outside of its intended purpose? Seems like that's the trend with the Joy-Con and I'm all for it! As you can see in the video above, someone is using a Joy-Con as a shortcut device for different tools while they're drawing. Certainly seems pretty damn useful to me!

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Art Academy confirmed!!! LOL jk

To be honest, I'd still rather use my keyboard. It has more buttons and I don't need to hold it the whole time

That....actually seems incredibly useful. I just bought myself a cintiq and it's weird alternating between it's screen and a laptop keyboard. I like the idea that I can just map shrotcuts to the hand I'm not drawing with. Definitely gonna give this a shot.

Interesting. How is your Cintiq set up? Because the way I have mine set up allows me to use the keyboard with my left hand without looking at it. I have my hand resting on the keyboard and I simply flex a particular finger for a particular function, much like how this Joy-Con is used, but with more buttons and without the need to hold something in my left hand the entire time

i've been using a simple usb adapter nunchuk and joy2key in order to activate easily any keyboard shortcut. It's pretty useful in any case

now if only there was a way to just replace the wiimote nunchuk by the joycons on either the wii or wii u or both. Just so light

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