Players discover Zelda: Breath of the Wild underwater glitch

Looks like players are stumbling upon a glitch that lets link walk underwater. It seems the glitch has something to do with existing the water while climbing a wall. The game gets confused and thinks Link has climbed onto land when he's actually dropped under the water's surface. Check out this thread for info on trying the glitch yourself.


Mon Mar 20 17 08:04am
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Could this mean that the Iron Boots were in BOTW some time under development, but that they later took IT out and then made the underwater chest magetic instead to make the magnet power more usefull and to give the game some obstacle, now that you can climb every surface

Would have been cool to discover the bottom of lake hylia or any other lake of BOTW and then use a elixir to Breath longer underwater or let the stamia be your Breath-meter or change the ice power to a underwater/water power instead

Having this in a sequel could make the next game more open-water too, for we have now open-air with the climbing + paraglider and normal open-land gameplay.
Would be a nice triforce of different way to travel the world and make IT truely open-world with open-air, open-land and open-water gameplay

I know right. Remember how cool looking OoT underwater graphics & game play was at the time. I was hoping for underwater exploration because when I was fighting a rock mini boss, some of the ore fell deep into the water & I could not get to it.

Mon Mar 20 17 01:23pm
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find a couple more, and we got ourselves an Eggbusters episode :P

This happened to me last week! I also found a wall on the eastern side of the Eldin area that isn't solid. You can go through it like 4 feet and then you climb upwards and Link's body comes out from the wall. lol

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