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Nope, just not feeling it at all. Nothing about it feels exciting.

I'm really excited for this. It seems like a fresh take on the "arcade boxer" a la Punch-Out. I think this IP has the potential to be Nintendo's next Splatoon.

Mon Mar 20 17 12:43pm
Rating: 2

They really should have gotten the smash bros announcer to do the trailer. This felt weak.

I know right? This one sounds bored.

I'm very excited for this game.

It has the "fresh" feel of Splatoon, but has the style of Nintendo in the SNES Play It Loud days. I can't put my finger on it, but it reminds me of forgotten games like Uniracers and Stunt Race FX.

It's always hard to fully understand or judge a lot of Nintendo games (especially new ones) until getting your hands on it for yourself, but I remain positive and very optimistic about this.

I am however kind of disappointed in the names "Spring Man" and "Ribbon Girl" where as other characters seem to have some names that don't seem as uninspired. How about Springer/Springstein or Ribbonia....i dunno, even those quickly off the top of my head seem better.

I'm so stoked for this game. Feels like Splatoon mixed with Pokken mixed with Punch-Out!! Can't wait to see more Smile

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