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IGN your number one source for movies, TV, comic books, and ummm what else is it they cover?

..flamewars, clickbait and paid reviews.

Again, Nintendo did NOT make love hotels. They made a love tester, but not love hotels. That's a myth.

People see what they want to see. It's been said before, but if you think milking a cow is somehow sexual, you've got different problems alltogether.

Mon Mar 20 17 02:59pm
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Short answer: no. Just look at all those Wiimote sex jokes that have been spread around the Internet!

Other problems with this aside, they seem to be conflating 'the Switch' with 'games for the Switch'. And if that's the case then surely BMX XXX, a straight-up pornographic game for the GameCube, is a little more suggestive than Snipperclips?

BMX XXX???? Is that a thing (before I google)?

Without watching this clickbait video, I'll tell you that Nintendo's Love Tester is the winner.

Everyone stays away from IGN articles (don't care for them myself) like it's the plague. Mention sex in the article and it's like flies on shit! Lol

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