3D-printed knuckle grips for your Joy-Con

Brass knuckles are illegal in quite a few states. How about plans for 3D-printing your own knuckle grips for the Joy-Con? That I'm not sure of, but you can tackle the task right now if you want! Grab the plans right here.

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Ha! Those are actually pretty dang cool.

I agree it looks cool, but I can't help but wonder if this isn't really uncomfortable to hold

The only game that I think that would work for (so far) would be Arms. But I suppose it's pretty neat.

It feels like the knuckle portion should be bent towards the back of the joy-con.

This is dumb, and made so kids can feel tough! lol As someone mentioned, you can't even really use the thing for what it's made for, unless it's for Arms type games only.

How many kids do you know with access to a 3D printer? Since I doubt that any public service would happily print out a knuckle grip for kids

My bad, I jumped the gun. There's so many things for sale nowadays, at first glance I thought it was an actual product for sale. So yeah, it is cool that someone made this and avail to anyone, but it still remains completely pointless. lol

That I can agree with. I dunno, I don't see much use for this at all other than to look cool. For slightly older kids =P

True, true :0)

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