Nintendo UK reconfirms Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for launch in 2017

This comes from the Nintendo UK feature we posted earlier today, which looks at titles hitting Switch in 2017...

If those aren’t enough, in autumn you can look forward to Fire Emblem Warriors. Fans of huge RPGs should anticipate the arrival of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this year as well!

There's the latest update on both of those titles, which will apparently see release before the year closes out. Let's see if Nintendo actually makes that happen!


I wouldnt have guess it would come out in 2017....with Nintendo UK saying that, makes it seem like it comes outside Japan in 2017....and even if it comes out November/December of this year, seems too early....unless they been working on this game longer then I thought.

Well, maybe they actually have workwd on it for somw time. Sure hope it's coming this year. But I guess I might still be Zeldaing then :D

I still don't expect xenoblade 2 this year. The switch may be easier to develop for but trailer they showed looked rough. When they showed X for the first time it didn't look that rough but it was still over two years before we got to play it. So I kind of expect it next year.

Xenoblade 2 will likely be a smaller, more focused and typical JRPG than X was, so I can see it coming this year [especially with music production having recently started going into full swing].

Xenoblade 2 already is recording music, which is the last thing needed to add aside from voices. Probably will be soon into localization, if they hadn't already done so. Fire Emblem Warriors is the bigger surprise to me

I can't help but be skeptical of a 2017 release date for Xenoblade 2 outside of Japan, but I would be absolutely ecstatic if they deliver on that.

If Nintendo actually delivers on it's first party titles for Switch this year, then we could end up with some good exclusives by the end of the year, and maybe even the best collective of exclusives.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Splatoon 2
    Fire Emblem Warriors
    Xenoblade 2
    Super Mario Odyssey

Fire Emblem Warriors is the only one on that last that I think might fall below an 80 Metacritic. Nintendo still has E3 to announce some more 2017 surprises (maybe Pikmin World). I think there's more than enough to play through the year, and with indie and 3rd parties between the Nintendo releases I'll be more than satisfied. Realistically, how big is everyone's budget for gaming? I don't think most people buy more than 1 game a month if that.

After the original released in Japan in 2010, Europe in 2011, and America in 2012, I will believe this when I see it.

Xenoblade 2 needs to have an English voice cast like the original.

Mon Mar 20 17 10:08pm
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Hope NoE is in charge of the dubbing for XC2.

Really hope these two come out this year… and hope there are some surprises around E3 time…

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