LEGO City Undercover originally supported single Joy-Con play, but it was removed

LEGO City Undercover has split-screen local multiplayer. This feature was originally going to use one Joy-Con per player on Switch, but this feature ended up getting yanked. Turns out the dev team felt using a single Joy-Con just didn't cut it, as there was no second stick to control camera movements.


This makes sense. As much as they could have mapped it over to one of the shoulder buttons, it still wouldn't have been ideal, so I'm okay with this. Of course, not sure if I'm gonna get this or not, since I've already played the Wii U version quite a bit. I need to see what exactly it's adding to make it worth my while. (I suppose load times that don't suck would be a big deal, though.)

It would have work with the normal levels at least or the camera could have been motion-control while holding the shoulder buttons

That's the nice thing about Switch I think, developers being able to pick and choose the configuration that suits their game best.

Sun Mar 26 17 07:57pm
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Switch games don't need to have single JoyCon support, which is fine.
How about Dirt 4, Codemasters?

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