Playtonic looking to get Yooka-Laylee out on Switch "as soon as possible"

A portion of a GameReactor interview with Playtonic's Andy Robinson...

GR: How are you approaching the Nintendo Switch? What would you expect in terms of success for this specific version?

AR: It's a bit too early to go into specifics with this version, but rest assured we're working directly with Nintendo to get it out as soon as possible for our many fans and Kickstarter backers on that platform. We're big Nintendo fans here, so it's very exciting to be working on Nintendo Switch.

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Mon Mar 27 17 06:43pm
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I don't mind waiting, if it means I get to play it anywhere and on the system where it fits the most.

So i'm guessing it won't be coming out with the other ones will it Sad

That's a Definite no at this point.

I went with PS4 version so I didn't have to wait to wait

Mon Mar 27 17 06:43pm
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I don't mind waiting, if it means I get to play it anywhere and on the system where it fits the most.

Mon Mar 27 17 06:59pm
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"It's a bit too early to go into specifics with this version,"

With the other systems launching in two weeks? Screw you guys, if you knew that it likely wouldn't hit the same day release you promised in the stretch goal when planning the PS4/XB1 dates, you should have prepared things better and held back the other versions until the Switch port was ready. It doesn't help when you confirmed the date for other consoles on the SAME DAY as the Wii U cancellation announcement, and then going silent on your investors for months...

So yeah, if this version doesn't come out by the end of april/early may, it's DOA, no questions asked. Fans shouldn't accept this kind of treatment especially when the Switch version isn't even getting the physical release of the other consoles despite Nicalis of all things being able to do so with BOI. One part of me wants to buy the PS4 version day one to get back at those acting like A-Holes on the steam forums, but then I realized that Playtonic actually caused a legitimate problem that nobody else seems to be phased by for whatever reason. Makes me thing Nintendo fans will be so blinded by nostalgia that they'll tolerate a delay to 2020 with half the game removed...

You are getting all of my upvotes today.

The fact people are 100% OK with their vagueness on the delay angers me since this is looking more and more like a Watch Dogs Wii U situation by the day. Not to mention they went against one of their stretch goals by not having them all out on the same day.

Mon Mar 27 17 07:09pm
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And I'm looking forward to not buying this game "as soon as possible". First, the JonTron situation. Then, the lack of respect to the Nintendo players.

"Bolt" you, Playtonic!

Removing Jontron made me want to support them TBH.

I met him once after he first left GG and moved to NYC and As a Hispanic and Black man I can say that his true colors have exposed.

So, what you are saying is that personal viewpoints should be used against other, irrelevant business, like your job. Correct? So, in that way, any boss should be free to not hire you or fire you because you are black. After all, it's their viewpoint.
I don't care what it is. Even if he was a Nazi himself, these things have NO BUSINESS in business.

Both of these arguments makes me glad Earthworm Jim was made so long ago.

The dude who created it is a right-wing nutjob who borderlines outright hate for the liberal viewpoints, but nothing stops anyone from wanting the series to return, with or without him (more likely the latter, cause apparently he's out of the gaming industry now).

But it reminds me of the saying, "Keep the creations away from the creators," essentially saying don't let someone's talent be vetted for based on their opinion. If that was the case we'd all be scorched for one reason or another.

Er... your example is exactly why it should. My grandmother marched in the 60s so that Stuff like that would never happen. That's why there are laws against it. If businesses think that it IS happening or that it's possible it could they stop it.

Being free to say and think whatever you want is Great, but there are always consiquenses to your actions. As an adult I can CHOOSE to eat ice cream everyday for dinner. I'M free to do that. I would however have to eventually face the consequences and die.

Do you even realize that you are opening the floodgates of people being banned from life/work for their political views? Do you even realize what you are doing now?

I don't care even if JonTron was the Nazi leader himself! It's a personal opinion and it does not affect anyone. And even if it DID, you punish someone in relation to what they did, not in relation to everything and anything.

Once again, who the hell are you to say that this is correct to happen? Who told you that YOUR opinion is correct and it should be allowed?

Racism isn't a polital view. Republicans aren't racist. You just compared politics and Neo Nazism.

No. I don't think anyone should be banned for political views. I think people should he banned for being racist. Just because you haven't experienced racism in your life doesn't make it okay. Hate is a force strong even to kill millions. Racism has led to genocide. This line of thinking can lead to the next Hitler. We stop the problem at it's start. It's not a "political view" it's just a tactic to devide Americans.

Your latest comment was flagged before I could read it. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you DIDN'T write something childish. So please re-type it er.... softer?

Wed Mar 29 17 11:04pm
Rating: 1

K, guys. Let's chill. No need for such hostility, or at least the heated political tones.

What hostility? I said that you don't ban people for their thoughts, NO MATTER what they are and I gave examples. Which of my comments got flagged? And why?

I don't know which comment is hidden... I think I see everything up here. And I don't know what triggered this response of flagging my comments. And if it did, it's the same censorship I'm fighting against.

Going back to your logic, what you describe is the basis of the movie/novel |Minority Report". PreCrime. There is no crime before it is committed and/or before the last moments before it is committed. Sure, you can arrest a person when pointing a gun at somebody, but you can't do that for saying "I'm gonna kill you".

It's not a crime. I'm not saying anyone should be arrested. You seem to think I'm against freedom of speech. I'm all for it, but you can't say "I love molesting children" and think everyone is going to be okay with it.

I've experienced racism. Real racism. Not just childish name calling, or online B.S. People have tried to hurt me even kill me because of who I am. Until you can say the same i dont think you can understand the gravity of the situation. I think its really the school system that has failed the youth today. How old are you? My bet is 19-26 as those where the years the civil rights movement was shortened to a week or two curriculum instead of its year it was previously given. To make way for "no child left behind". It has been extended since but only to around a month. Not enough to install the severity of racism.

You see it as a simple point of view, but it's more like a hate fueled movement. One of oppression and violence. Poor Jon Tron is the same way. Not really understanding the severity. My only advice to you is to stop by the KKK and listen in on a meeting. My very light skinned Hispanic friend did it just to see what they had planned on. It's much more scary then people seem to think.

Well, I CAN say the same and add even more to it, but this isn't the place and the time. I COULD say my age but people tend to disregard others' opinions when they are in an age group they feel is not mature enough or it is too old and doesn't understand the youth. So I'll keep it to myself.

Saying "I love molesting children" states that the person saying this has actually done it and this is a crime. You get punished for the crime, not for saying it. Once again, this opens up the floodgates for an Orwellian dystopia.
People being banned from work and life for their personal viewpoints. No matter how harsh they are, unless they are actions, they remain as opinions. If you'd like, I can also link this to terrorism. It might be a leap of logic (or whatever this is called in English), but I can do it.

I'm kind of done here. You're still associating legality with repercussions. It's not illegal to be a racist or say racist things. It's not illegal to cheat on a loved one or live an unhealthy lifestyle or just generally be a jerk. That doesn't exempt you from repercussions. My example was extream but I wasn't talking about confessing to a crime i was talking about stating something considered morally wrong. You don't have to be a pedophile to say those words. That doesn't mean people will believe you aren't after you've said them.

Freedom of speech =/= freedom from repercussions. Also it's pretty hard to believe people have done "even more" then tried to kill you based on race. I'm also betting I hit the mark on the age. So I'm kind of done here. It's not my job to try and educate.

Mon Apr 03 17 09:46pm
Rating: 1

but you can't do that for saying "I'm gonna kill you"
You can actually arrest people for that if the threat is serious enough and if you have proof of said threat

And those details you won't remiss are also the reason my purchase hinges on a physical copy or not.

Cause I ain't paying physical price digitally for no real benefit of my own.

So basically, they're sending the Switch version out to die.

That's exactly what it looks like, yes. How it started it's kickstarter on Wii U...

the good ol' 'bait 'n Switch'. ... or 'bait n' Switch, later." as much as i am excited for the game i feel they've exploited kickstarter for funding and left the funders who got them the most publicity in the dust. super uncool. at least theyre offering refunds, right? now that they got what they wanted. its a cruel world

Mon Mar 27 17 08:56pm
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Poor JonTron Sad He'll be missed

Mon Mar 27 17 09:13pm
Rating: 6 (Updated 2 times)

Remember that they offered refunds. Folks could've taken it at that point if you didn't have any of the other platforms or switched it over to PS4/XB1/PC. You all are being way too pessimistic. I'm sure they're trying their best, and they aren't the type NOT to release it. Platformers still easily sell best on Nintendo consoles, even if it releases a couple of months later it'll be fine sales-wise.

Also to the others JonTron did this to himself. If you say bigoted crap at any normal job you get fired. He ranted about it for 2 hours. Honestly he got a slap on the wrist by having his voice removed from a game that isn't even his primary livelihood. Jon probably was in it for all of ten seconds, and I doubt many people would've even known that he was in the game or what character he voiced lol.

Although given the up-votes this article is getting, I guess the commenters are probably more of the minority on this with regards to be pessimistic... I guess that makes sense.

Jontron is a non-issue, honestly. It's a super minor cameo in game filled with garbled sound clips, and the fact people are more upset over THAT than this actual problem baffles me.

For one thing, releasing it months later than the other platforms should never be tolerated unless it's due to it being an eshop only game (where approval processes can vary) or if it's going to include exclusive features down the line. (like Minecraft) It should also be noted that one of their stretch goals for a same day, multiplatform release for all consoles. That was destroyed and yet they still thought it would be fitting to announce that the Wii U version was canned the same day they confirmed the date for other systems. And when a Switch version was confirmed, they didn't even bother to upload their end of the bargain on that stretch goal and were overly silent.

And just because they offered refunds for the Wii U version, that doesn't excuse the fact that their treatment of Nintendo fans was incredibly shitty and how messy the whole situation became. Wii U cancellation aside, (since their "Tech issue" reasoning is likely BS compared to what most others have estimated) they refused to give any info on whether or not a switch version was 100% happening until the end of January, an entire month after they cancelled the Wii U port.

Then when they finally do get around to it, they offer zero release estimates of any kind. No quarter predictions, no release month, and not even a yes/no on if it would hit the same day as the other consoles. And the backerkit reflected that all the way until platform switching/refunds expired, with them being too stupidly vague and expecting people to risk switching to the Switch without the knowledge of when it'll come out, not even a vague estimation to help.

And THEN when they say that they are too poor to release the game on cartridge despite Nicalis doing so with BOI, (NICALIS of all companies, the "europe is too expensive" company) despite how all the other consoles get some sort of physical bonus, it should feel like a big betrayal to Nintendo fans. But nooooo, apparently showing clips of the PC version in a Nindies direct is all that it takes to be instantly forgiven under blind nostalgia for the delay that could very well become Watch Dogs Wii U 2.0. They could have easily communicated with their INVESTORS on the issue as soon as the first sign of a problem on the Wii U version arose, but instead they're going the generic western publisher PR route. (And that includes giving Reviewers codes to the full game BEFORE the backers, despite the backers being the ones who made the game exist to begin with.)

Compared to the poor communication with Nintendo backers/fans alike, the jontron "issue" is laughable at best, and the fact that people are wrecking their steam forums over such an idiotic issue makes me very angry at the things people will get upset over. Be totally fine with being treated like shit solely because some members on the dev team made a few hits for a system that you played when you were a kid, yet somehow go insane because they remove 10 seconds of garbled voice acting.

So yeah, people should be pissed at how they're treating Nintendo owners, but even then that doesn't excuse the type of behavior shown by people are on their steam forums. Those are just A-holes and there's a reason Playtonic is banning so many toxic individuals.

I understand on the wii-u version being cancelled, and pleased it's coming to switch. The fact they've said they are working as hard as possible pleases me, but I wish they'd give us some more concrete updates. We know the Switch is really easy to port to.
Really hope I'm playing this on my Switch next month, or May at the latest. any longer and I'll be disappointed, but I'll still get it, it looks like something I'll enjoy

Mon Mar 27 17 11:59pm
Rating: 3

Fucking awful treatment to Nintendo fans. There's no excuse to either not hold the other versions back for parity (which other devs have no problem doing when the Nintendo version is ready, Ubisoft), or releasing a physical version. Terrible treatment considering Nintendo fans are the ones who made this game even possible.

I'm not buying the game until the Switch version and i recommend any other's wanting a Switch version do the same.

I'll pass

I passed on Mighty No 9 because of its behind the scenes bullshit and it worked out just fine

Yeah the lack of release date for the Switch version does feel like a huge kick in the balls to me. Was really excited for this game now I gotta wait until god knows when for the version I want to own. Would've been a great game to play now that I've finished Zelda and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe doesn't release until the end of the month.

I'll pick it up just to show my support.

I fear this will be a Q3 /Q4 release instead of an expected Q2 at this rate...

Tue Mar 28 17 09:17am
Rating: 1

A lot of impatient people who own other consoles are not going to wait for the Switch version.

I'm sure Switch sales will do fine, but there's no doubt they'll be negatively impacted in some way by being the last version released. No doubt.

Tue Mar 28 17 10:02am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I'm not going to blame them for a late release because this game came at the worst possible time in the Nintendo generation transition, with 3DS being out of the question, Wii U dead, and Switch fresh off the block. They're working as best as they can within the time table they were given based on when they got Switch devkits and all. At least they're bringing their A Game, while companies like Capcom can't even be assed to port a rom collection.

Also, this whole Jontron mess really exposed a lot of people's true colors, even on this website. Check that story and the over hundred comments, a deluge of outrage because Jon's tiny cameo was removed after he advocated ethnic cleansing against non-white minorities in America (conveniently being downplayed as "differing opinions"), compared to how silent all those people are here about an actual issue with the game. Schools are failing spectacularly if they aren't teaching kids that actions have consequences and no amount of whining will change that. You'd think seeing it happen to celebrities on a regular basis would leave an impact on them.

Well said. I hear Unity was a disaster on the Wii U from other developers as well. I also have a hunch this game will have some kind of Nintendo exclusive that they are trying to prepare to reveal.

And about the JonTron fiasco, Nintendo has been "silencing" Youtubers for awhile now. Playtonic's decision is at least justified.

In regard to the game itself, while it's coming later, it's quite possible the Switch will be the best optimized Console version, since it's quite likely that Playtonic themselves are developing it just like they were the wii-u version, while all other versions are being handled by Team-17. This team knows how to work within hardware limitations


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