Yacht Club talks chances of Shovel Knight 2, moving away from the franchise

Coming from a NextN interview with Yacht Club's Sean Velasco...

Q: After doing the King Knight DLC campaign, are there any possibilities of seeing Shovel Knight 2?

A: Yes, but it would also be really amazing to work on something fresh and new. For now, start thinking about what the next 8 knights could be like!

Q: Some time ago, Yatch Club Games confirmed that, in 2017, you would work on a completely new project. Can you give us a little preview of what we could expect from it? Will it be completely different from Shovel Knight?

A: It will probably be something that is very different than Shovel Knight, but still retains our distinctive Yacht Club Flavor. Nintendo made Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, but they are all distinctly Nintendo. I'd love to make another franchise that people love even more than Shovel Knight!

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I'd love to see a Shovel Knight Spinoff someday. Either a Smash-inspired game, or a Karting game. I feel Yacht Club would make a very charming game for either of those. ^^

I've never played Shovel Knight but I'm well aware of the following and the acclaim it received. Can't wait to get stuck into Treasure Trove once I've finished BOTW. I know they've been working on SK for years though, would prefer them to move on to their next franchise and like they said, build up a repertoire similar to Nintendo. SK in Smash Bros or Mario Kart 8 would be nice though through the Amiibo!

If you like retro games, you are bound to be very satesfied with the Treasure Trove. ^^ I am sure you'll love it. And yes, I wanna see them create a new franchise before they make a Shovel Knight Sequel/Spinoff, of course. But I can't deny I wanna see more SK as well, hah.

I do wanna see Shovel Knight in Smash, though... he'd fit in so well.

What if I don't like Retro gaming, will I still love it?

Well, as long s you do not HATE Retro Gaming, then yeah, there is a good chance you will, still. ^^ It is made to be very similar to a typical retro NES game, but while it is challenging, it is not nearly as unforgiving/frustrating, and the controls are extremely smooth. And the general gameplay, while very inspired by old titles, feels very modern. So... if you like 2D Platformers, you should still love it. ^^

I'd like to see them take on the Metroidvania genre, possibly even sci-fi themed. Or maybe something in the vein of Goof Troop for SNES.

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I really want a game that would play like Goof Troop. That would be a godsend. Very great to play in coop.

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That picture always makes me think Shovel Knight is about to ask 'Dost thou desire the power?' and then start talking about destroying god.

I say go for it! Make a new franchise while you have the good will and interest of the large public. Worst case scenario, if it bombs they could always make a SK2.


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