Nintendo Japan's LINE account - bonus easter egg art!

A special treat... If you can read his Japanese message!

Daan was kind enough to post the main new weekly background images from the official Nintendo Japan LINE account earlier, but there are a couple more surprises. Only catch is that you'd need to understand Japanese to even get all three.

Inside the chat, instead of a keyboard, it gives you three images: one giant square promoting the Zelda site, but two smaller images of Toad: one with a paintbrush and one sticking out his tongue. Tap either of those to receive the following...

"Zelda striking a standing pose. At every glance, she's just beautiful."

"Hyaaa! Hoooo! I'm one to open the sail just before landing. I've got an original wallpaper gift for you. Just type 'breath [of the wild] toad' "

**If you enter ブレスキノピオくん into the chat with him you'll get a special bonus wallpaper. I won't spoil the surprise, but it's worth it! ♥️ –cort


Fri Mar 31 17 11:15am
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Can you add the wallpaper in the comments using a spoiler tag?

I know nothing about Nintendo of Japan's LINE account, but would like to see the image.

Do you use LINE? If you like this sort of stuff, you'd do well to get it directly from them on a regular basis. Plenty of other similar companies and brands on their too (aside from the messaging features).

Was hoping to encourage some adventuring since we are talking about Zelda; maybe I can PM it to you. Smile

Never used LINE. My go to chat app is whatsapp, as everyone I know overseas prefers it so it just makes sense. I'm just curious as to what the surprise is, so a PM would be nice!

I tried using Line (seeing it a lot in manga and manwha, I was curious) but I have no friend there and I can't find the Nintendo account...

you'd probably have to search using their actual name, not the english version we all know and love. Try copy/pasting: 任天堂 and see what you get.


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