Another Project x Zone dev leaves Monolith Soft

"I retired from Monolith software which I belonged to for about 16 years as of March 31 of last weekend. Though it involved Zeno ep1 ~ Batten 1 ~ Nam Cup ~ Muguero 2 work ~ PXZ 2 work, Thank you very much, everyone who supported and those who cooperated, and more than anything else who played software!"

It's a bit odd that two devs leave, one right after the other. On top of that, Koji Ishitani never gives a reason as to why he's leaving. You have to wonder if something is going on! Thanks to OperationGamer for the heads up.


Apparently, stuff like this tends to happen whenever a new fiscal year starts in Japan.

Talented Devs with experience probably want to start their own projects. It's a flower produces seeds method that work quite well when growing the industry.

Namcup is for Namco vs Capcom (That should have been transliterated to NamCap) and Muguero 2 is for Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Mugen no Frontier EXCEED (that should have been Mugefro 2 for Mugen no Frontier 2)

Didnt they expand alot like a few years ago?, maybe the devs want more input on slightly smaller projects?


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