RUMOR - Female Corrin amiibo on the way

There's been some talk for awhile now about the possibility of a female Corrin amiibo, and it seems we just got our biggest hint at this happening. Through some people who have been going through Fire Emblem Echoes' data, we've come to learn that female Corrin can be used as an Illusory Hero in the game. This is worth pointing out, as all other Illusory Heroes are summed in the game through amiibo. Unless Nintendo is giving us some special way to get this female Corrin, this info should point to another amiibo coming!


Mon Apr 03 17 01:33pm
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Oh, could that be the rumoured fourth Amiibo from a while back?

Also hoping this somehow points to the Smash port for Switch coming sooner rather than later.

Mon Apr 03 17 01:49pm
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You mean "Real Corrin amiibo on the way" that's going to replace that weird male corrin they've released before in everyone's heart.

Why would they release a female Corrin amiibo when they didn't do that for Robin? Seems odd.

It is odd. They also didn't make a female Villager, Alph, or any of the Koopalings.

She might be more popular?

Mon Apr 03 17 02:21pm
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Cool. But I would really love a female Robin Amiibo.
Also, where the heck is the Bayo Amiibo?

The one true Corrin.
Now if I could just get a female Robin amiibo.

Are they really that picky when it comes to amiibo alts? I mean, so far there's only R.O.B., and that's if he even counts.

They also released the alternate Splatoon amiibo, which functioned the same as the original. R.O.B at least made sense because it was originally Japanese exclusive and used the famicom colors.

Good because I only wanted the corrin amiibo if it was the female version.

The more Fire Emblem amiibo figures the better.

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