Samurai Shodown IV hitting Switch on April 13th (Europe)

According to a listing on the Switch eShop in Europe, Samurai Shodown IV is the latest in the line of Neo Geo games coming to the platform. It's currently listed with an April 13th release. We'll keep you posted on the stateside release when that info comes out.

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Very excited. Would be absolutely amazing if we got SamSho V Special for Switch.

IV? Why not the first one like the other games? If they're going for the best/final installments of the popular series first, then why not VI or V Special? Aren't those the better games since they came out later and added more stuff?

Actually the altter titles arent the best.

SNK had its peak with games like KoF 98 or SamSho3, which are regarded by many as the best games in each series. My favorit is Garou - Mark of the Wolves nothing better came after that.

I dont know how well SNK titles are ported onto Switch but SNK ports dont have a good reputation and I have heared rather bad things about the recent bunch of ports which came to the PS4.

Tue Apr 04 17 11:39am
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Actually IV is often regarded as being better than III.
IMO it's the best game of its series and one of the best SNK 2d fighting game period.

Also kof 00 and 02 are solid contenders for best kof game in many gamers hearts. Although I would agree that 98 is definitely the cult classic there. Just not necessarily the best.

Now can we get Mark of the Wolves and Last Blade 2 ? ^^

Now we're talking! Best games first and then they can go for the whole collection chronologically for the nostalgic.


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