Nintendo stock tops Nikkei's charts for 2016, thanks to Pokemon GO

Nintendo's trading value, the product of share price and trading volume, jumped fourfold in fiscal 2016 to 17.6 trillion yen ($157 billion), rising to the top of Nikkei's charts for the first time since data became available 20 years ago. It beat typical high flyers such as Toyota Motor, which came in second at 13.9 trillion yen, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, which placed third at 13.2 trillion yen.

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Yup. Pokemon Go's popularity literally doubled my Nintendo shares seemingly overnight. The stock went from $12 a a share to $25 in less than a week. Now it's like $30/share.

Is there a price you are waiting for to sell? I personally would have sold last time it peaked $30 and waited for a decline to maybe $22 to buy again.

$30 seems like where Nintendo's stock will hover, unless the switch takes off this holiday season.

At the moment it's a hold. I'm hanging on to see if it goes the way of the Wii first. If Nintendo follows through on its mobile strategy that seems to be working somewhat, I don't see why it can't get to at least $50 or $60/share. I don't expect it to get to $80/share again like in 2006, but I do expect a rise as more games/features are announced for Switch/Mobile.

Nintendo shares rose thanks to a game they barely even touched

This is why I'm happy Kimishima is focusing on better leveraging their IP. Pokemon Go is proof of the power of IP and what it can do.

Imagine Nintendo had never made Pokemon.

Do you think Pokemon Go would exist?

What does that have to do with anything?

It's a reply to: "Nintendo shares rose thanks to a game they barely even touched"

What I'm trying to say is it's disingenuous to claim Nintendo had little to do with Pokemon Go when half the games appeal, Pokemon, is Nintendo's creation. In other words, Pokemon Go's success is due to equal parts in combining the Ingress and Pokemon franchises. Let's give proper credit here.

Even Iwata worked on Pokemon Go, niantic had other games before Pomon Go but nobody cared.
Now because it is Pokemon everyone cares.
Still Pokemon is a Nintenod IP.

Just look at that grin on Kimi's face. hehe

How does this benefit Nintendo if Pokemon isn't part of Nintendo to begin with?

Because Nintendo owns a part of the franchise and is a parent company of Pokemon International. Ergo, Pokemon IS a part of Nintendo.

But earlier, Go didn't benefit Nintendo THAT much since its not a main Nintendo IP....

Also, the Pokemon Company is NOT a game company. Its a merged company which combines Creatures, GameFreak and Nintendo. Pokemon on PC is possible to happen since Nintendo does not wholly own Pokemon.

but whatever, I suppose that all of us are going to safely assume that Pokemon will forever be a Nintendo exclusive.

Huh? Where did this come from?

You asked a question based on this article, about how Nintendo's stocks had risen due to Pokémon. And then someone answers that question.
And then you lost me with your reply. Nobody said anything about exclusivity, about TPC being a game company, etc. So where did your reply suddenly come from? Who are you lecturing here?

You misinterpreted what was said. Investors thought that Nintendo was the sole owner of Pokemon, hence the huge stock increase. However, Nintendo corrected this by announcing that they did not benefit from Go as much as the investors thought. Nintendo DID benefit from Go, as they profited from the game. They just had to share the profits with Creatures and Game Freak.

There's no supposing about it. As a copyright holder, Nintendo will not allow Pokemon to be used elsewhere that will be detrimental to them. Only the card game and the anime are on PC. There is no main game on anything but a Nintendo device. This will not change.

Still Nintendo owns Pokemon, no matter what other reports state.

Pokemon is a Nintendo product in every sense of the word. The Pokemon company may not be a part of Nintendo but the Pokemon product itself is a Nintendo IP. Niantic made the game but the IP is Nintendo's.


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