Aussie distributor says Switch version of RiME bumped back to Q3 2017 worldwide

Not exactly news we are excited to share, but news nonetheless. The Aussie distributor for RiME has confirmed that the Switch version will be bumped back to an undetermined release during Q3 2017. No word on when the game will hit, but we'll be sure to give you an update when it comes in.

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Tue Apr 04 17 06:59am
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ok, so I posted this on vooks, the update simply states q3, but prior to that, we were told in australia it was Winter.. those two do overlap here, meaning sometime in july or august.

now previously, we were told it was also shortly after the other platforms releases, so I would expect within the first week of july.. just FYI

Tue Apr 04 17 06:59am
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And it will not sell on the Switch OBVIOUSLY. Well done.

Tue Apr 04 17 07:56am
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See, this is where Nintendo's consoles of late fall into dangerous territory: They get most third party games either late or at a higher cost compared to the other platforms, particularly when they're games that were on the other consoles last gen. And, that's if they even get the third party games in the first place. It's not a good thing; it's not the kind of thing that's going to make anyone that isn't already a fanboy want to buy Nintendo's consoles.

Doesn't bother me too much. The switch is my only console and I've no plans to buy another home console. Anyone else in the same boat?

I'm in that boat with you, although, I've never owned any other home console besides Nintendo's! haha

I sort of care less and less for this game with every bit if news. Zelda is such a great adventure game that others get lost in comparison.

end of the line RIME. thanks for playing

If you're not going to bother bringing it at the same time, I'm going to skip it.

That's not new. We already knew that RIME is set for a summer release on Switch since a month now...

Eff this game, I'll consider when it's $20 or less, and same price on all platforms.

Shame because it was a day 1 purchase before they announced the pricing.

Yes, the idea of trying to sell games more expensively on one platform is weird. Maybe the reason is they think people will be willing to pay more around console launch, given the weaker competition from other games.

People are willing to jump the gun and dismiss this game, but are totally fine with Yooka Laylee doing the same stunt WHILE being digital only at the same time?

I mean, both games are gonna be DOA at this rate, people do realize that...

Tue Apr 04 17 11:46am
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At least with Yooka Laylee, a lot of fans of that N64 platformer genre are, not coincidentally, big Nintendo fans. So they're more likely to be patient for its release on the Switch, and I know a few people who are doing just that.

I read Nintendo news every day and I barely know a single thing about Rime.

Seems more like nostalgia blindness than anything else... Heck from what it seems Rime might be the better quality game in the end, which just confuses me on how PT is getting a free pass for their bad treatment of Nintendo owners.

I knew someone wold bring this up at some point and though I agree with this sentiment somewhat I feel the circumstances of the wait/delay are different from both games, not in terms of value, genre, or gameplay but the time these games were announced properly for Switch.

When RIME was first shown, it was a cool title for PS4, we hear nothing for a long while, not too long ago we hear its coming to Switch with its return debut to other consoles as well. And recently with the news of a $10 price increase by the publisher not Nintendo (gotta stress the "not Nintendo" part, tho I still think that's stupid but whatever) and not releasing same day as the other platforms, even though Aussie devs Tantulas. (who developed few 3rd party games for Nintendo never really had issues with release dates but with this mid tier indie title like RIME. Nothing against the game, it is what it is) It is just puzzling to me where this delay is coming from if the Switch is easy to develop for (though I think this Tantalus first time developing for Switch but I think this shouldn't be an excuse for anyone else developing or porting on Switch for that fact) So with that all said I understand the anger to some degree if this what is going through most heads about RIME on Switch.

As for Yooka-Laylee, outside of nostalgia and fanboys, the story of it on Switch almost didn't happen, right? Right there the destination of when this will arrive on Switch is already different than RIME. Recap of Yooka-Laylee with Nintendo: Even though this was a title to originally come out on NIntendo Wii U, a few thought with next Nintendo console being announced around the corner and the Wii U flanking, it should be on the system but that didn't happen till like little over a month ago, the devs of that game hadn't said that they were having issues developing for Wii U. (yeah right, tho there maybe some truth that despite them working on that platform along side with PS4, Xbox One and PC and then say well Wii U isn't working for us 2 months before release is awfully convenient way of saying, 'oh the Wii U is a sinking ship let's abandon it at the last possible minute')

So despite that bullshit lie, the devs of a legit excuse why the digital version of this game has no release date as of yet it if they recently changed gears to the Switch. That is unfortunate but acceptable to some degree and I don't mind it personally at all for the wait. I accept that because there's evidence to back this up with a quote from Miyamoto about developing PC games for Switch will take about a year. So if the recent news of changing from Wii U to Switch was less than two months ago, there's quite a bit time before we hear a release date for Yooka-Laylee for Switch. Earliest mid-summer, latest fall. Again unfortunate for this game but acceptable with the last minute change in platform.

If we knew more about the delay for RIME, (outside the price rise) I think there's a slim chance for understanding of the delay but not so much the price of this game on Switch. We know nothing why this game is being delayed....for now. I hope that changes soon for the little goodwill this game has left on the Switch.

I'm gonna guess this isn't regarding their stupid Switch price policy...


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