SwitchCharge - A Battery Case For Nintendo Switch - Indiegogo Campaign


This IndieGogo campaign has not yet started, but when it does eventually begin, the goal for these producers is to reach $80,000. Thanks to danoconnor for the heads-up! 

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It is interesting to me that a company would want less free publicity for a crowd -sourcing campagne.

Maybe because their campaign isn't live yet? Would probably rather have the free pub when people can actually put forth money.

Tue Apr 04 17 04:33pm
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With the increase of 3d printers ppl can easily copy that idea & change it up. I can understand why they don't want to show it off right now. Right now there are loads of joy con silicone copy cats out there & so far I found a original joy con grip silicone that covers the Joy con when in the grip & it looks. I just ordered the 4 pack which is cheap & comes with 4 colors. Just a matter of time before that gets cloned as well lol.

Tue Apr 04 17 09:08pm
(Updated 2 times)

Interesting how they don't want to be advertised.


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