Best Buy posts, removes 3 listings for unnamed amiibo tied to Zelda

Looks like Best Buy made a bit of mistake. They shared 3 listings for unnamed amiibo on their official website. They've since removed the listings, but the internet never forgets! The listings also said these amiibo are compatible with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well. Based off of datamining we shared, this would fit nicely with the findings of Skyward Sword Link, Fierce Deity Link, and Twilight Princess Link.


I'd love some more Breath of the Wild Amiibo. Wish list includes the Four Champions, and Kass the accordion playing Rito.

No, have some more Link amiibo instead.

I'd like the four champions, plus Groose and young Impa from Skyward Sword/Hyrule Warriors.

Or just three different poses of Urbosa would be fine too.

I want a Deku Tree amiibo that's twice as big as the guardian amiibo!


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