Square-Enix considering what games to port to Switch

Coming from Square-Enix president Yosuke Matsuda...

“We’re even thinking about what feasible existing game titles we want to successively port [onto the Switch].”

That's the only tidbit we get from Mr. Matsuda. He doesn't discuss if existing games means games already released on other platforms, or games currently in the works for other platforms. Either way, what would you like to see head the Switch's way?


Thu Apr 06 17 06:43am
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All of them! Or, you know, at least some


Thu Apr 06 17 07:26am
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Kingdom Hearts 3. Most of the titles have released on Nintendo portables. It is made using Unreal Engine 4. A "HD" portable KH title would sell probably the same or a little less than PS4 version. Anyone with me?

Thu Apr 06 17 07:28am
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Kingdom Heart 3!

Not that I believe it's still going there, but it'll sell far more on Switch than it would the X1.

Also, FFVII ReMake, of course, if only for the once in a lifetime irony scenario.

Thu Apr 06 17 07:42am
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I think that some of their tactical RPGs would be a good fit for the Switch. Something like FFTactics without the performance issues the Ipad/psp had.

Final Fantasy XV prease <3

Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII

Thu Apr 06 17 08:40am
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The Switch is the first Nintendo console I would rather buy my cross platform games on. With Gamecube, it was a toss up which system to choose as the games weren't that different on each console. With Wii, the motion controls didn't make the games better and the graphics were far inferior to 360 and PS3. With Wii U, off screen play wasn't enough to make up for the graphic inferiority to choose over PS4 and Xbone.

However with the Switch, taking any game on the go is a huge advantage to me. I would rather have Kingdom hearts 3 and FF XV on the Switch with lower graphics and lower frame rate then be chained to the TV.

Thu Apr 06 17 09:27am
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Tomb Raider bundle and that last Hitman.

All of the games would be great but obviously all the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts games would be sweet. To have the Switch as home of Square Enix RPGs would be pretty sweet after Nintendo consoles being without them for so long. I mean, ports of FF7-15 would be quite nice indeed.

If they want all the money, they should port Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts 1/2.

If they want MY money, they should port NieR: Automata.

I would jump on Nier for the Switch in an instant.

Then again, I would MAYBE look at FF7R. But still very skeptic to their decisions on thst title in general.

Oh yeah! Would love Nier! I keep hearing about it and it looks really good, but I don't have a PS4...

Maybe a combo of both Kingdom Hearts games aren't that unlikely... I'd probably consider getting 'em

All of them. If I had to choose? Kingdom Hearts 3.

Ah yes, Nier ! Forgot about this one.

Other than that FFVII remake and FFXII HD remaster please.
FFXII is a perfect fit for this platform.

Also I'd like eShop ports like the older games that have been released on Steam. FFIX for example. I'd definitely buy that.

I wouldn't count on FFXV as they have already stated it would be a lot of work but that would certainly be nice if feasible. That would also be a good test of how the Switch holds up.

Also E3 can't come soon enough, I absolutely can't wait for info on DQXI !!!

Deus Ex Mankind Divided with all the DLC please.

It's already available on Wii U, so I actually find this the most plausible to come out true!

FF:7R would be cool to have so that we can lol at this ad:

All of the above, and I don't just want to see ports and ports and ports. I want to see new original games from Square Enix being made for the NS. I am Setsuna and Octopath Traveler are fine. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider are always welcome. How about something other ones like Prelude Rune, Star Ocean, SaGa, Life Is Strange, and aren't they working on a new GEX game?

I'd really be interested to see how Square Enix would do a survival horror game (with RPG elements).


eh...none, really. Final Fantasy XII if anything.


Final Fantasy VI remake...finally

I also really want kingdom hearts 3 on it! Hopefully it would work. I'd also like FF7, but it feels less likely

please bring Nier: Automata and Final Fantasy XV and VII remake. also kingdom hearts would be good.

I want all your games, Square Enix. The kinds of games you make are perfect for the Switch.

Nier Automata! I would also buy FFXV and FFVII on the Switch.

Slime. Give me Slime all the time. I want me some Slime Rocket on Switch.


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