Nintendo looking to bring in multiple new employees in its Kyoto office

Here's a list of all the devs Nintendo has recently posted job listings for. These positions would all report to the Kyoto offices.

- 3DCG designers (topography, character modeling and character animation)
- Web designer
- UI / UX designer
- Effect designer
- Technical artist
- Movie / Video production staff
- advertisement designer
- package designer
- character product designer
- 3DCG designer (CG illustration)
- character illustrator

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Fresh blood will do Nintendo good. Splatoon was mostly a young team right?

Nintendo is bringing the younger teams now. They've prepared them and they're ready ^^ There is Splatoon, ARMS, we know who will take care of Zelda in the future and that's a pretty good sign too. Takahashi and Monolith is becoming huge, also Animal Crossing is bringing new devs.

Now what they need to do is put them under the light and prepare the succession so that they can properly take the reign when Koizumi/Miyamoto/Sakamoto/Aonuma finally and progressively go.

I do not understand this statement at all.

Nintendo has ALWAYS brought new people to make their IPs from time to time. Not one single time have they ever decided to let their older staff to develop games.

There are always new programmers and graphic designers who come and go every now and then. That makes them completely new to such work.

The new producer behind the Mario series isn't actually Shigeru Miyamoto nor is it Takeshi Tezuka. Its actually Yoshiaki Koizumi.

The director behind Metroid prime isn't Yoshio Sakamoto, Hiroji Kyotake(who's the creator of Samus btw), or Makoto Kano. Its an american called Mark Pacini.

Heck, almost every Kirby game after Kirby's Air Ride has different producers and directors here and there as well as different people working on each of those games.

Tell me the list of people who have been old and still do the development and decision making for each and every Nintendo IP out there. The only ones I can think of are Xenoblade and Fire Emblem but that's just about it.

To simply say that new blood should come is just stupid. New blood or old blood really doesn't matter because at the end of the day, the decisions of making and directing games in specific forms is what matters.

And for those going to argue that Botw is made by new people, wrong. The directors behind the game have worked for Nintendo for years and years ago. So does that mean that they should quit because that "New" blood is needed?

Fri Apr 07 17 08:58am
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Fresh blood will do Nintendo good
This makes it sound like Nintendo is literally Satan and they're awaiting a virgin sacrifice

Maybe that's exactly what I meant. Also, Switch OS is made from children's souls. Just sayin.

Thu Apr 06 17 08:58am
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I wana be part of the group you know?...(Fired day one for courting princess Peach).


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