Darksiders Warmastered Edition releasing for Wii U on May 23, no Switch plans yet

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So by the time plans change and they eventually finish porting it to Switch we'll end up with another 2/3 year old game.

You think they'd have changed gears and made things easier for themselves by just releasing it just on Switch after it was teased or and announced.

Fri Apr 07 17 07:31am
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You would think that, and heck, maybe they still will do that, but I'm personally glad they didn't scrub this version, despite its difficulty. I view it as fulfilling a promise to the people who wanted it and thats the kind of decision that garners consumer loyalty in my view. There are lots of projects that jumped ship from Wii U that I'd have invested in (Yookah-Laylee for one) but can't. Now, I just hope they release a physical version.

Yay! I have the sequel on the Wii U. Was hoping to keep them together.

Kind of late, I had the money to buy the game in October but now there are other games I want for the switch so I'm not sure if I'll get it right away. I like this game a lot and it's really cool of them to publish it on wii u, so I'll probably get it at a later date.

I will get this, I remember really liking it. ^^ I will also get the physical Axiom Verge limited edition, if it releases in Europe.

And I will catch up on some Wii-U games, like W101, Devil's Third, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Mario Party 10, and I have to get the Captain Toad Amiibo Bundle for the box. Then I have most noticable Wii-U titles for my collection. ^^

I smell a Switch two pack in the near future...

Fri Apr 07 17 09:24am
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You can currently get this version of Darksiders, plus the second game, and a ton of other THQ/Nordic games on the humble bundle on PS4 for about £12 at the moment. Really sours this release which I would have been interested in provided it had some GamePad features and released day in day with the other platforms last year.

i caved and purchsed the ps4 version. no patience here

When this is cheaper, DRM free and already released on PC, this release seems unfortunate.

I loved the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 and I'm definitely going to pick this one up. I would've loved it on Switch, but this is fine.

Thank God. I had just assumed this would be discontinued as well.


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