SwitchCharge hits initial funding goal

Looks like plenty of people are down for the idea of tripling your Switch battery life. The initial funding goal for the SwitchCharge has been hit. This thing looks pretty damn sleek and weighs less than a pound. I hope the devs can deliver on what they promised.

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Sat Apr 08 17 06:08pm
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Hmm, it's nice, but I'd rather not pay $100+ for it.

Exactly my thought. I saw this and was very interested until I saw the price. But I guess you really pay for quality...

Sat Apr 08 17 06:28pm
Rating: 1

True. Oddly enough, it makes me a little more ok with the $299 price point for the switch. Go figure.

i will wait to see if they actually bring it to market, they have no references for past work, which means new people and even worse, indigogo can accept money, even if the product never comes to reality..

I don't back indigogo. The completion rate is tiny on those projects. If it does hit the mass market I'll think about it but in reality I've only run out of battery once and I have a second charger so I just plugged it in and kept playing


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