RUMOR - Aussie retailers not getting anymore NES Classic Edition stock

It's been a worldwide discussion for awhile now. Is Nintendo done manufacturing the NES Classic Edition? There's always some evidence going on out there, and today we're hearing things about the Aussie situation.

While EB Games just received stock of the NES Classic Edition, it seems like that's going to be the last run. Multiple inside sources claim the system isn't going to get shipped in Australia anymore, and whatever retailers have received is the final run.

As for what this means for the rest of the world, that remains to be seen. We'll try to get some more info on the situation for you guys.

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I think the hackers killed it

If they did, it's Nintendo's fault for not having more stock, and retailers fault, and websites like Amazon and eBay, for allowing the "black market" of NES Classic to exist in the first place.

I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to actually get a new one at the original retail price. I'm beginning to doubt it.

Tue Apr 11 17 03:08am
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You nailed it. As for the hardware as is now Nintendo is done with it as they are planning to change up the security on it & ship out newer ones that will be a lot harder to hack.

Nintendo is trying to make money on some of the other nes games through their VC eShop on their 3ds/Switch. If they continue to supply the nes mini people are not going to buy any VC games on the eShop because they already have it hacked on their mini.

So expect newer nes mini with its inside changed a lot.

I had the option of buying one on Amazon US with no problem (during the time a month ago when they were restocked) but I decided against it due to me wanting to stick with my imported Famicom mini (Which at the time was very easy to obtain, and only cost around $100 which wasn't really worth it for the content but better than typical NES Classic resale prices)

Well it's not selling here in Norway anymore. Still no explamation though..

Seems like they are fading it out and using all efforts on theSwitch. The NES Mini was just a little extra fun (which probably got nostalgiasts going wild... I gpt an original NES for that)

That thing is long done now. If they end up making more then hopefully they'll make a new one with a new batch of games.

Otherwise it's nothing more than a collectors thing now. And instead start planning out the SNES mini... or heck Game Boy Mini.

all that potential revenue lost for Nintendo. Ive been looking for one since it released. No luck in Canada, no money for Nintendo.

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