Square-Enix says Dragon Quest XI still coming to Switch, can't talk release date yet

The following comes from a Square-Enix rep...

"It is still planned but no announcements today. Whether it launches together on the same day as PS4 and 3DS or not we cannot say today."

Good to know it's still coming, but that wording on the release date both makes me nervous and gets me excited. I can't tell if it's a good or bad thing!


Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow.. soo....

Don't get them hopes up. But Nintendo do like to surprise us.

Bit might the Switch version got ' nto development later, which would make sense, and will come out later. Which would suck for that version of the game. It's like handing it over to Sony.

This would be more like an E3 announcement, especially since we haven't seen English footage of the game yet.

Tue Apr 11 17 07:31am
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I think if it would've come at a much later time they would've said so.

This statement seems to mean they're working on it, but are not far enough into the process to give a hard yes or no.

This. It more than likely started development later than the others (otherwise I don't think it would have come out on 3DS at all). The game being on UE4 and Switch not being hard to develop for, it's possible that they're progressing quick on it, but then again they have to optimise it for both docked and undocked mode so they would oviously have to heavily test both modes before releasing the game. But indeed, i agree that if there was no chance, they would flat out say so. It's just too early to say at this stage.

Well the game is MADE IN UE4 so the Switch port should come out this year too.

In other words. There is no way this is releasing at the same time in switch. Hopefully they all release on the same day in the USA

Hm, that screenshot doesn't look like Toriyama's work. Is he still working on the series?

Yes, he still is. What happened is the translation from 2D to 3D downplayed Toriyama's signature style. Here's a drawing of the main character for instance and here's the 3D version.

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