Casio announces Splatoon-themed BABY-G watches

Starting in May, players will be able to purchase Splatoon-related watches. These products have only been announced for Japan so far, and according to Fashion-press, these products are slated to cost 18,500円 each upon release. Thanks to gerjet for the heads-up!
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You can't wipe off the scars that come from the Turf War

Tue Apr 11 17 10:14am
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For those without instant exchange rates knowledge:
JP¥18,500 are about US$170, £135, €160. (also, the mentioned price is without sales taxes of currently 8% (additional JP¥1,480))

Tue Apr 11 17 10:20am
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Looks like a cheap piece of 90s trash.

I love it.

Couldn't they at least take the time to clean it before showing pictures of it?



I loled :p

Anyway are these watches officially licensed?

You can't wipe off the scars that come from the Turf War

Even with the splashes I don't look at it and think "Splatoon".

Those are actually really cool looking. Not a fan of the name though.

The black one nails the Splatoon look, with the neon colors and everything. The white one however looks just like a map of polynesia or something.

Too bad they're really expensive, I would've loved the black one.

Casio...gimme a Mario watch and I will buy that DAY ONE!!!!!

I am a big fan of you and I have always bought watches from you.

Wed Apr 12 17 02:19am
Rating: 1

Tempted to buy and then pass it off as a Rorschach design.

the black watch is a butterfly and the white one is the stern disapproving glare of my father


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