RUMOR - Sonic Mania to include animated cut-scenes?

Here's what we know for a fact...

- the animation above comes from the Tumblr of Max Collins
- Collins resume includes work for Studio Yotta and Cartoon Network
- Collins posted this animated snippet, and then quickly removed it

When you look at a comparison of the characters teased for Sonic Mania, you can see that Collins' animation does feature someone who possibly lines up with the silhouette. Marry that with the fact that Collins hasn't detailed why he removed the test animation, and you can see why the speculation is running wild.

Games: Sonic Mania


I'll allow it as long as the characters stay silent OR they get J.White to return and voice Sonic.

While I do hope that there will be a throwback stage to Sonic CD, if not, seeing animated cutscenes in that style would be way past cool.

Sonic CD Japanese Opening

Interesting; the official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook posted some images of the Sonic CD animation cels earlier today.
It'd be really cool if they include some 2D animated cutscenes in Mania.

PLEEEEEEASE be true. That looks so freaking rad.

The HardBoiled Heavy there also looks a LOT like the one from the portraits seen around Mirage Saloon Zone too...the hope is strong.

That is honestly how I wish a Sonic animated series looked... Like Sonic CD and the OVA from back in the day.

maybe this is why they delayed the game, a good reason if this is true

This is totally happening and I'm very excited about it either way.

Hope that's true! I love the way it looks!

This looks pretty neat.


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