First 4 Figures might not create more Sonic-related figures in the future

The following comment comes from a First 4 Figures staffer...

...Tornado sold way less than the 425 number suggested. For many years, the company only had 3 members, so those ‘low’ numbers were ok to get by however with growth now in these last couple of years. Things need to be improved at all levels. Our prices have remained relatively very low and competitive in the same market and we continue to improve the way we make our products accessible with flexipay options. Hope that helps abit more with the story. Thanks

It seems First 4 Figures hasn't had much luck with sales of their recent Sonic line, putting future Sonic statues in question. During a video Q&A, two members of the F4F staff made these comments when a viewer asked about a modern Metal Sonic figure.

- it won’t happen unless the 25th anniversary statue sells very well
- “Make sure that sells well or… forget about Modern Metal Sonic”

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

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i wanted blaze....but they make silver...why?

Don't even bother asking them... It's no use.

Thats part of it, why not Amy or Rouge? I would get an Amy or Knuckles over Silver.

With how expensive they are, it's not really a surprise. Still sad to hear though, they were really well made, but $400 is too much for one figure alone, no matter how well made they are.

They really aren't figures in the traditional sense either. They are more like 2 foot tall statues. I have one that I got for Christmas and as nice as it is, it takes up a boatload of room.

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That's the other thing, they make them too big and pricey. Some might like to get decent sized versions of these figures for a more affordable price. These collectibles aren't as appealing to demand, people want them, sure, but with how big and expensive they are, people just don't see the desire to go out and buy them.

They made them much bigger ages ago because it is cheaper for F4F, btw, just so you know. ^^ Buying the material is expensive, but buying MORE of the material is, oddly enough, much cheaper. So, by making most of them large, they make much more and can thus make more and more statues. So, if anything, they may become bigger and bigger.

F4F logic: make Silver the Hedgehog and Lords of Shadow 2 Dracula statues, don't make Phoenix Wright, Alucard or Bayonetta statues. GENIUS.

(I own two of their pieces though, Wolf Link & Amaterasu, but still.)

Note that they need the license for every franchise and need permission from all creators to make any specific Statue. Going by the list of their licenses, they cannot make Bayonetta or Phoenix Wright statues. :p But, they recently got the Shovel Knight license, so, yay~

I own 7 F4F, and I luckily got the Tornado one for a very good Christmas deal.

They teased a Phoenix Wright statue (and an Alucard statue) years ago by showing us the 3D models, yet nothing ever came of it. As for Bayonetta, they have to be convinced that that's a better business opportunity than Silver the Hedgehog? Girl. They dumb.

And wow, that's an impressive number.

I actually did not know they teased it. ^^ That is neat. But note that they tease a lot of 3D models, even ones that are just ideas and even just to show off for the creators what it COULD be like. So, do not get your hopes up. But you never know.
And yeah, of course a Bayo statue would be much better than Silver. XD I still have nothing-Bayo when it comes to merchendice, sadly. I missed out on the statues. -w-

And thank you, Mocky!


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