Minecraft - Switch footage, new details

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- Wii U to Switch world transfers is something they are working on, but it won't be at launch
- 60fps
- when it releases, it will be on par on the January update
- will be quickly caught up to the other versions after release
- Switch (medium on PS4) is about 3072 x 3072, Vita / Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii U are 864 x 864, PS4 / Xbox One are 5120 x 5120 (large)
- world sizes are roughly 13x as big as Wii U but not quite as big as PS4

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Ha, something I posted on neogaf was referenced on gonintendo

Good to see performance is solid and it puts the Wii U version to shame. I don't think many people can complain about the offering here. We should be starting to get used to not being able to have parity with the PS4/X1 versions, but it's at least really close.


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