RUMOR - Nintendo has begun production on an SNES Classic Edition

This information comes from Eurogamer, which they obtained from a number of inside sources

- scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year
- development of the device is already under way
- this unit's creation was a major factor in the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition
- expected to stick with the NES Classic Edition's plug-and-play setup
- will include an array of games which come pre-installed and ready to play
- Nintendo declined to comment

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Wed Apr 19 17 09:18am
Rating: 15

You're doing it wrong.

Wonderful. ^^ I was hoping they'd make one. I managed to get a NES Mini (though no controller yet... really need it for the collection), so I will be extra fast to preorder this one. Luckily, Nintendo things that actually DO release in Sweden are usually fairly easy to get.

Wed Apr 19 17 07:24am
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"this unit's creation was a major factor in the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition"

because..they can't be both around at the same time...it will be difficult for consumers to choose which one to buy.

actually there is some merit to that, but they could have just postponed it for another year. spending money developing a console in order to produce it only for a few months when there is clearly a demand for it, makes little business sense so instead of getting the money themselves, they let it to the scalpers. Excellent!

Not sure they really spent all that much developing the NES Classic. I mean, not to sound negative on it, but it literally comes off like something someone at Nintendo come up with in their spare time. Overall I'd say minimum overhead on this one.

no development costs are definitely significant but even if they used off the shelf parts (like everyone does these days) and costs are low, I would really like to see if they managed to break even since profit margins per unit were quite small. A filler for the Xmas that turned out to be a no show in the end.

Wed Apr 19 17 07:24am
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And I bet they'll only make 500,000 units again and apologize for "not reading the market properly."

Wed Apr 19 17 07:32am
Rating: 11 (Updated 1 time)

You are such a pessimistic person. How can you turn this into one of your glass half empty comments?

Just look at how Nintendo "handled" the NES Classic. Little to no stock and discontinued way too early when there's still a large demand for it.

Wed Apr 19 17 08:40am
Rating: 6

I would have to agree with the statement, but I also have to at least admit that you are unbelievably negative on almost every article.

Just trying to fit in with the "cool kids". Cool

Wed Apr 19 17 09:18am
Rating: 15

You're doing it wrong.

So you are actually jumping around of pure joy after seeing this, but can't let us fanboys know coz you have to play cool :D

Wed Apr 19 17 09:35am
Rating: 1

Have to understand the frustration of people who really wanted a NES Classic Edition and could never find one though... easy to see how it could lead them to throw up their arms and say "great, another cool product I'll never be able to find is coming out. What's the point of even getting excited?"

Perhaps Nintendo will do better if this pans out though. I agree it's best to stay positive.

Wed Apr 19 17 01:53pm
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I have to admit, this is where I sit right now. I was unable to get the NES Classic Edition and I'm not too happy about it. We already know that a SNES will be a scalper's paradise just by the way the last one went. So yeah, I'm in the pessimist camp.

But I realize it would be better for the product to exist and me not get it, than for the product to NOT exist and NOBODY gets it. I'm just going to have to try even harder this time to get one, if it does get made.

Yeah, with the NES Classic, I was always very "eh, I'll get it when the hype dies down and it is readily available. I'm patient."

... oh. Haha.

That was my exact strategy. BIG MISTAKE.

With the SNES being my favorite console of all time, I won't be following that strategy again. Who knows, maybe they'll actually let us PREORDER this one, for crying out loud.

Wed Apr 19 17 07:42am
Rating: 1

God help them if this doesn't have Bebe's Kids.

Lmao. Is this a gamesack reference?

Wed Apr 19 17 12:27pm
Rating: 2

Never heard of it, I just loves me some Bebe's Kids.

Welp I will be more prepare than I was for the NES mini. Hopefully they saw that the initial demand for the NES mini was higher than they expected so that they can supply more of the SNES mini

So, a console that is made up of 90% classic RPGs? I see nothing wrong with that!

Yes please! YES PLEASE!! YEESSS PLEAASSEE!!! *head starts spinning*

Of course there is. Far easier to manage than the VC service.

Rumor: Nintendo has already ceased production on SNES classic.

Jokes aside, I'll have to see what the gamelist is. I missed most of the SNES era, other than some remakes/vc games. I'm really hoping it's got FF IV and VI, as I was thinking of picking those up on the Wii VC anyway. If I can get both them without needing to go back to the Wii shop, that'd be a nice bonus.

And I mean, it's gotta have Chrono Trigger, right?

Whatever, Nintendo. After the NES Classic debacle I'm done caring about this sort of thing.

How will they fuck this one up?

I wonder if they'll try to narrow it down to 30 games again because, with the SNES, you could reasonably knock out 2/3rds of the list with first/second party games alone:

-Mario World
-Mario Kart
-Mario RPG
-DKC 1-3
-A Link to the Past
-Super Metroid
-Yoshi's Island
-Tetris Attack
-Kirby Superstar
-Kirby's Dream Course
-Kirby's Avalanche
-Kirby's Dream Land 3
-Star Fox
-Pilot Wings
-Super Punch Out

Then it's just a grab bag of the absurdly good third party games the SNES had. If I had to choose the remaining 11:

-Chrono Trigger
-Secret of Mana
-Final Fantasy 6
-Castlevania IV
-Megaman X
-Street Fighter 2
-Super Bomberman
-NBA Jam
-The Mystical Ninja
-Super Ghouls N Ghosts

Gah... There's just too much good stuff to choose from and I didn't even go into the surprisingly good licensed games the SNES had like Turtles in Time and Goof Troop...

You're absolutely right. SNES had such an awesome selection of games!

But Yoshi's Island and Star Fox use the Super FX chips which Nintendo don't want to emulate and IF they did emulate them, then they should give Dylan Cuthbert credit for his Star Fox 3DS remake work(?)


and THIS is why we got emulators (running even on the wii) playing all SFX games with ease.

seriously, bring the N64 mini, there are games on that console that are not well emulated even today

No Donkey Kong Country Trilogy?

Sweet! SNES has always been my favorite. However, I'm not willing to fight to get one. I might even have most of the games as it is, but I'm still definitely interested. Here's hoping the news is real and they produce more.

Can't wait to have to wait to maybe get one! :D

For real though, I NEED this one at least.

I don't want to be pessimistic, but as someone who wanted and couldn't get the NES Classic I'll be really disappointed if they do the same limited release.

It's so frustrating seeing scalpers with several consoles at 3+ times retail value and consumers that actually want one leaving with empty hands.

Will pre-order this time and Not let the higher price scare me off.
For in sweden the price is/was 800kr which is around 85€ today, so IT cost 40% more here for tax and other reasons

Otherwise I had brought IT day 1 but thought the price would be 600kr or around 65€ after christmas

They allowed you to pre-order? In the US, we didn't get a chance to pre-order... first come first served. I was a good brother and got the NES classic for my sister for Christmas , my eldest brother also managed to get as well.

I don't remember, BUT IT was more of a notification for buy now and not really a pre-order where you pay before, so you could still be without one if to many did "pre-orders" IT

Wed Apr 19 17 11:18am
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Oh please, scalpers are already j*****g off their socks for yet another occasion to be scumbags when re-selling limited-release Nintendo goods... Don't give incentives to the possibility of them being able to do other bad stunts in the future as well lel

I never cared too much about the NES Classic, because, other than being a cool collector's item, I have no real nostalgia for the NES era and I've already played most NES games that interest me through various other means.

But a SNES Classic, on the other hand... oh gods...

Scalpers will be even more prepared.

I'm sorry if you missed out on the NES Classic, although I can only feel so sorry as I had the opportunity to get 6 of them; 3 of which I never had to try for as they were just in the case in the middle of the day, as until the discontinuation announcement the demand had decreased. Did I buy all 6? No, no I didn't. I went out of my way for 2, and traded a Hatchimal for the 3rd. In the end, I also imported a FamiCom Classic for 60 shipped. If I could have gotten 6, and a 7th if you include the FamiCom then if you wanted the NES Classic you could have gotten one. Instead, I feel like a lot of the complainers wanted to meander into Walmart and they have 20 unsold units just sitting there.

Remember when NES Mini broke Amazon temporarily? I do.

Also... The extra console that collectors shove up their bumhole is one less console for someone else to play.

I'm going to wait for the Virtual Boy Classic Edition.

This is great, I was really confused by their cancellation of the NES Classic, but if they're stopping production of that, and starting production of the SNES Classic it makes a lot more sense.

The SNES still has some of my favorite games of all time, other than the obvious ones like Super Metroid I'm hoping Chrono Trigger and Super Castlevania IV make the cut.

ok so that would be terrific so much so that I would need multiple one.... I should have pre order the famicom when I had the chance. To me that line is the amiibo

Just this Monday I talked with a buddy who got me a damn cheap PS3. He said he as a SNES somewhere that I can have (for cheap again). So I will do the same as with the NES Mini. I will NOT get a SNES mini, but rather a SNES. My collection is almost finished Smile

But will this, if true, not be silly to release at X-mas considering the Switch? Or do they think the Switch will sell itself now?

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