Top 20 best-selling games of 2016 in the United States

Pokemon holding it down for Nintendo in 2016. Let's hope 2017 sees more titles get Nintendo some big numbers and even bigger attention.

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Heeey, Titanfall 2 made it.

I guess slashing the price by 33-50% at every retailer in the country helped out a bit.

" Let's hope 2017 sees more titles get Nintendo some big numbers and even bigger attention."

Zelda is outselling the new console it's on, so we can rest assured that at least that game will be there ;)

This year is really starting to get exciting for gamers.

Not necessarily. Pretty much everything on there is a multiplatform title.

Zelda being a title on a new system (and exclusive to Nintendo) limits the number of games that can be sold overall.

It might not be in the top 3. Maybe not in the top 5, but top 10 I can see easily by the end of this year. The WiiU crowd might not be a great help, but a help nob the less.

Of course, this year is still young and we have het to see what will hit us. The SNES mini might outsell parrot food.

Hopefully it keeps up the 100% attach rate!

Shooters are that big? What, did Psikyo, Cave, and Treasure release new stuff while I wasn't looking? Did Sega revive Technosoft's titles?

Everyone hates EA and Activision, but what are they supposed to do? Not buy their games???

Everyone likes to hate on EA and Activision but as you can see, the numbers don't lie. Smile

The overwhelming hate EA and Activsion get is gaming biggest hypocrisy. Don't like them? Then stop buying their products or STFU about how crap they are as companies - it really is that simple.

I literally have two of these.

Why are Pokemon Sun/Moon on different positions when they are literally the same games only with slight changes?

Funny how most of the list shows off only western releases....

Because some people buy Sun, and some people buy Moon. One version is always more popular than the other.

Of course, the Call of Duty domination train keeps on chugging along. Will it ever end?

They are always treated as separate games in sales data.

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