Super Bomberman R - Version 1.3 coming Friday, LINE mobile app gets stickers

Super Bomberman R is going to get an update this Friday. The update brings the game to version 1.3, and will include a new stage, as well as changes to difficulty and the overall experience. This will be a free download.

In other Super Bomberman R news, the LINE mobile app has been updated with a set of 40 Super Bomberman R stickers. Unfortunately, these seem to only be available in the Japanese version for right now.


Not the best Bomberman game ever, but I respect the fact that they keep supporting it. If they could just improve the controls and laggy online a bit, it would do wonders. A 2D feeling control scheme would be nice.

Hopefully they change the insane costs of the store items or increase the rewards for playing. Its like they wanted to make it a free to play game with real money shop purchases, but then changed their minds and forgot to make the game reasonable to unlock stuff in...

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