Splatoon 2 - mysterious single frame shown in Japanese Nintendo Direct, removed from NA/EU versions

This image was shown in the Japanese Nintendo Direct last week. It was on-screen for just a single second before it vanished. For some reason, it wasn't part of any other Nintendo Direct. It comes from the Splatoon 2 segment. As you can see, there's a bear on display in this strange room. Just what's going on with this mysterious room? Thanks to Leafy for the heads up.

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Gotta be Grizzco.


Oh shit you're probably right. It looks like a grizzly bear holding a salmon in its mouth. I'm really excited for that new salmon mode I forget the name.

Thu Apr 20 17 02:23pm
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The odd looking bear statue is actually seen normally in the Japanese and European Directs (as well as on the Japanese site)
I'm not sure if the reason the view of the location being removed has anything to do with the bear's absense from the US video. Still very mysterious.

Thu Apr 20 17 01:57pm
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Oh awesome, you guys covered it. I was pretty shocked when I found this. Especially how it comes into full view like that, but it's so fast.
If anyone's interested I found it while I was working on this sort of "what if" video where Salmon Run gets explained in another messed up Grizzco Message. https://youtu.be/aV8z8WifUqE

Makes you wonder if that's an artifact or if a bear actually survived... Hmmm....


Pikmin crossover confirmed?

Interesting. There is also the "wooden bear" item in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

That's VERY OFTEN seen in anime and manga. It's the token "travel gift nobody want but everybody aloof always buy and give". It is one gift really sold to tourists somewhere in Japan, buT I can't seem to remember where... is it Kyoto? ... hum... Ah well, it's often seen in school comedy when the students have their traditional "field trip" to another town (usually Kyoto because it's a city very rich in history).

I was thinking that too!

kumasan enterprise shokai or something like that

It's an Ainu carved higuma bear with salmon. Maybe it's related to Salmon Run (though the logo for that looked kind of Native American) ?

Very cool and fitting for Splatoon to have these Japanese references. The moment it's not just shown as an icon connected to Grizzco, in this location, it's during a transition where the narration refers to traveling to the island Salmon Run takes place. It's also worth noting, a similar cooler it's sitting on is near the entrance to where the rewards for Salmon Run are alluded to.

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