Ganondorf's last name resurfaces on Zelda.com

Ganondorf's last name isn't really mentioned in many games, but it first came around through A Link to the Past's localization. Fans have been on again/off again with this last name, thinking it wasn't official. Now Zelda.com has added the name to their online guide. While the name itself is nothing new, it is interesting to see the name resurface.

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Thu Apr 20 17 02:33pm
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Surprised its not Ganondorf Ganondorf

Thu Apr 20 17 02:33pm
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Surprised its not Ganondorf Ganondorf

Thu Apr 20 17 02:47pm
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I take things like this with a grain of salt. Nintendo isn't always consistent in their Zelda lore and canon.

For example Hyrule Historia says Termina from MM is a parallel world to Hyrule (which many fans assumed to be the case) whereas the new Arts & Artifacts Zelda book says Termina was a world created from the mind of the Skull Kid. The two books have different writers so it could have been a misinterpretation.

Thu Apr 20 17 02:53pm
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Hmm maybe its both? A world parallel to Hyrule that was created in the mind of Skull Kid? But yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the lore for Termina wasn't really established.

Thu Apr 20 17 02:53pm
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Tbh, I always thought the whole point of Hyrule Historia randomly throwing in a third timeline was Nintendo's signal that even they do not care all that much about continuity.


I would prefer his name to be Ganondorf Crocomire, tbh.

Thu Apr 20 17 03:36pm
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"Who else, but Dragmire?"

Really like that last name.

Dragmire sounds so...evil and powerful. A perfect fit.

A name like that really does not leave much of a career path outside of super-villainy.

Dragmire Jr. for future antagonist.

Ganondorf Quagmire. Giggity.

Dragmire just makes me think of a over-the-top evil European villain, perfect for the man who when fought in Ocarina of Time is found PLAYING HIS OWN OMINOUS THEME ON ORGAN. I mean, you can't get more over-the-top villain than that.


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