HAL says Kirby's new 3DS title will be "action fighting"

The following comes from Satoshi Ishida at HAL...

So now we've heard that the game is action, multiplayer and now fighting. Perhaps we'll get a first peek at E3 2017!

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Are we getting a Smash Melee-like adventure mode game but with the pink puffball?

No Amazing Mirror 2, then.

Whatever game it is it should've been made for Switch considering 3DS has both Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot already...Also the fact we're due for another main home console Kirby game anyway since Return to Dreamland was 6 years ago (No Rainbow Curse doesn't count as a main Kirby game to me).

I would have thought they'd be working on a switch title considering Hal is like a second party studio, so they should have had more time with the kit to do it.

Not to mention they actually had a hand in DEVELOPING the Switch.

As long as the final product isn't riddled with "I-Can't-Believe-They're-Microtransactions" like Pokemon Picross or even the latest 3DS Kirby eShop title, I'm in!

Interesting that you'd choose two of the best examples of microtransactions done right as arguments against microtransactions.

Thu Apr 20 17 06:07pm
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What can I say outside of "I didn't like those"...

I mean, more power to you if you (or others) enjoy this kind of model but for me the one and only kind of microtransaction I'm positively willing to pay for is that kind of the content that actually expands the gameplay by adding new elements. For the two examples I listed in my 1st comment, microtransactions are made, on the other hand, as a work-around to remove artificial road blocks way ahead of time that force players to farm "Material X" or similar for weeks/months otherwise if they want to pass behind those without paying.

3ds>switch, they already got the kirby engine down for the 3DS, and there usually are some late kirbygames for nintendo consoles!

Interesting, maybe its a big expansion on kirby fighters deluxe, only played the triple deluxe version, but in some ways it were better then smash 3ds!
A kirby minigame collection with a expansion for that would be alot of fun too!

It sounds like they're going the style of Crystal Shards + Super Mario 3D Land with Blowout Blast. I also would like to see a Kirby, dare I say it, beat em up game! I'm hoping that's what they meant by "action fighting game". 2017 is the year for the beat 'em up genre after all.

Where does it say the winter game is going to be 3DS?

Exactly! I'm pretty sure that one will be a Switch title.

It said so in the recent Direct.

Tekkirben Tournament, here we come!

After that, it's gonna be a full-fleshed Kirby RPG, right?

Action fighting? Isn't that basically how Sakurai describes the Smash series? Although, a Kirby game featuring like 12-14 playable characters from the past 25 years of the franchise in a Subspace Emissary environment would be pretty kick ass. Let's see:

-Bandana Dee

Uh... Then things get difficult because there's a ton of reoccuring mini-bosses, iconic enemies, and the animal buddies worthy for spots too... This idea is really starting to grow on me.

If the Kirby anime, Kirby Super Star Ultra and Smash Bros. taught me anything about Kirby, is that if they ever make an action or RPG game with many playable characters, then Knuckle Joe (and maybe Waddle Doo) should be playable/an ally.


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