NPD March 2017 - Top 20 software, industry-wide sales and more

- total hardware sales jumped 91% year-over-year to $485 million
- software increased 5% to $612 million
- overall the industry jumped up 24% to $1.36 billion

NPD analyst Sam Naji:

"March 2017 will go down in history books as the month Nintendo broke records.The Nintendo Switch had the biggest hardware launch for a Nintendo platform and the second biggest launch for any video game platform since 1995, the time NPD began tracking this category.

In this debut month (month 1), the Nintendo Switch sold 31K more units than previous best-selling Nintendo month-1 platform, the Game Boy Advanced, which released back in June 2001. The two Nintendo Switch SKUs, the 32GB Gray Joy-Con, followed by the 32GB Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con, were the best-selling systems for the month."

- total Zelda franchise sales from 1995 to the present comes in at $1.4 billion
- Zelda is the top-selling property of all time within the Adventure super genre, selling 54 percent more revenue than the next best-selling franchise, Resident Evil
- Breath of the Wild sold over 900,000 physical units, bumping the Zelda franchise total even higher
- Switch's packaged software sold 1.3m units, a record high for a Nintendo platform launch.
- 1-2 Switch had an attach rate of 19 percent

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Nier in the top 10!? Wow!

Thu Apr 20 17 07:21pm
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Seriously, Nier in the top 10 is great news. It's good to see Japanese developers really regaining lost ground in western markets this generation.

On Nintendo's performance, I'm happy they'be found success with the platform. Kicking myself a little here as I have intended to buy stock for over a year now. Would have made a pretty penny with Pokemon Go (trader confusion or not), NES mini, and now Switch all doing well.

I think people really responded to the idea of a perfectly translated console experience rather than the other features. Marketing was also perfectly on point for the first time since the Wii.

My only concern is that Nintendo will rest on their laurels a bit now that they know the core idea and games will be enough (though that's pretty much always been their strategy). They've abandoned all of the non-gaming features that made the Wii U a great system (MiiVerse, a browser that was a pleasure to use on a console, etc.) in an attempt to forget that system even happened (I maintain the position that poor marketing, an atrocious software release schedule from 1st party studios, and failing to create an attractive dev environment killed Wii U far more so than apathy for the dual screen concept as many would suggest). Panic mode Nintendo is the best Nintendo.

While the hardware is difficult to complain about, on the OS and feature side of things the system still feels half baked. I hope Nintendo will put a focus on bringing standard console features to the system in the next year. I have little doubt that the software side of things will work out with Nintendo's already announced 1st party release schedule and what we're hearing about UE4 titles. If you were happy with the 3DS, you'll be right at home on Switch.

I agree with mostly everything you said, though I like the OS of the Switch for one main reason--how speedy and streamlined everything is. Quickly jumping in and out of games, the home menu, and sleep mode is just so satisfying. Now that they've nailed that aspect, like you, I'd like to see the feature set expand (and I'm sure it will.)

But yeah! Good for Nintendo. The Switch is great and I hope things keep going well!

Definitely agree on the speed. It feels incredibly snappy. Hilariously enough, all Nintendo had to do to make a snappy OS was use someone else's (they designed the visual layer of course, but it's UNIX based). I didn't have many qualms with the 3DS OS though. Or the Wii for that matter (but that was barely an OS, more like a cute app launcher).

how is gta v still in the top ten i cant begin to imagine how much that game has made.

And yet we still won't receive proper 3rd party support, either.

Thu Apr 20 17 10:59pm
Rating: 1

"17. Bomberman"

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